Intro to Fitness Muscles Worksheet Fill in the line provided with the

Intro to Fitness
Muscles Worksheet
Fill in the line provided with the word(s) that best completes each
1. The amount of weight that can be lifted one time is called
______________________________________________. (2 words)
2. The number of times a muscle group can repeat an exercise before tiring is called
____________________________________. (2 words)
3. Good muscular endurance and strength enables people to
______________________ longer without getting tired.
4. Good muscular strength increases lean body mass
___________________________ body fat.
5. Good muscular strength helps prevent osteoporosis by strengthening your
6. Having muscular endurance enables you to work or play longer with
_______________ fatigue.
7. ________________ burns more calories than fat.
8. The force that acts against your muscles is called,
9. Identify the 3 kinds of muscle tissue: ____________________,
____________________, and ______________________.
10. ________________ muscle is located in the heart.
11.____________________ muscle tissue is located around bones and joints.
12. You have over _______________ skeletal muscles in your body.
13. When skeletal muscle ____________________, or shortens the bones and
joints are forced to move.
14. _____________________ contraction occurs when the muscle shortens and
then lengthens during the opposite movement; example bicep curls.
15. ______________________ contraction occurs when there is maximal effort
against an immovable object, example; wall sits.
16. To improve muscular endurance you need to gradually increase your
________________ and ________________ until you can do 3 by 25. When it
becomes easy, you ____________________ your weight and start again.
17 The previous question involves the principles of ______________________ and
18. When you perform exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups you are
applying the Principle of ____________________________.
19. As a teen, the center of your bones are ____________________ rapidly. By
the age of __________ this cartilage has turned to _________________________.
20. ___________________________________________ (2 words) are synthetic
drugs that are ___________________________ and dangerous.
21. Steroids resemble the male hormone ______________________.
22. One side effect for males who take steroids might be:
23. One side effect for females who take steroids might be:
MUSCLE IDENTIFICATION: Using the skeletal/muscular diagram, identify
the following muscles by their anatomical name.
1. CHEST: _________________________
2. BACK: _________________________
3. BACK SIDE OF THIGHS: _________________________
4. STOMACH: _________________________
5. FRONT OF UPPER ARM: _________________________
6. BACK OF LOWER LEG: _________________________
7. SHOULDER: _________________________
8. FRONT SIDE OF THIGH: _________________________
9. BACK OF UPPER ARM: _________________________
10. SIDE OF TORSO: _________________________
11. BUTTOCKS: _________________________
12. UPPER BACK/NECK: _________________________