Integumentary System

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Body Systems Exam – Part 2 (Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular)
Integumentary System
What layer of skin is constantly shed and replaced by new cells?
What layer of skin is constantly replacing dead skin cells?
What are fingernails made of?
What vitamin does skin help the production of with the help of the sun?
What are papules?
What is carotene?
What is ringworm? What is sebum? An antibacterial and antifungal secretion that helps prevent
infections of the skin
8. Does sweat contain an odor? If not, what causes body odor?
9. What is produced in the skin that gives us our color pigment (present in each racial group) and where is
it produced?
10. What is the most dangerous type of skin cancer?
11. Define cyanosis –
12. Define dermis –
13. Define epidermis –
14. Define erythema –
15. Define jaundice –
16. Define sebaceous –
17. Define sudoriferous –
Skeletal System
18. What is the long shaft of bones called?
19. What is yellow marrow mainly composed of?
20. What marrow is used to diagnose blood disease and is sometimes transplanted?
21. What part of the bone is necessary for growth, repair, and nutrition?
22. Make makes up the appendicular skeleton? What makes up the axial skeleton?
23. How many bones are in the cranium? 8 What are they?
24. What is the lower part of the jaw called?
25. What are the 2 cheek bones called?
26. Define synarthrosis joint and give an example.
27. Why are bone density tests important?
28. How many phalanges do you have in your body?
29. What is the membrane that lines the medullary cavity called?
30. Define suture.
31. How many ribs do you have and what are the different sections called?
32. What are the floating ribs attached to on the dorsal (back) side?
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33. What vertebrae are located at the waist?
34. Define bursitis.
35. Define compound fracture.
36. Define scoliosis.
37. Define synovial joint and give examples.
38. Define comminuted fracture.
Muscular System
39. What are bundles of muscle fibers held together by?
40. What happens when muscles contract?
41. Define involuntary muscle function.
42. Define voluntary muscle function.
43. Define origin and insertion.
44. Define muscle tone.
45. Define atrophy and when does it occur?
46. Define muscles spasms.
47. Define extension and give an example.
48. Define flexion and give an example.
49. Define adduction.
50. Define abduction and give an example.
51. Define circumduction and give an example.
52. Define contracture.
53. Define elasticity.
54. Define extensibility.
55. What is myasthenia gravis?
56. Define muscular dystrophy.
57. Define trapezius muscle.
58. Define triceps brachii.
59. Define pectoralis major.
60. Define quadriceps femoris.
61. Define rectus abdominus.
62. Define gluteus maximus.
63. In which muscle are injections usually given?