Quiz Review for 2-17

Skeletal, Muscular
and Circulatory
Question #1
• List 3 out of the 5 functions of the Skeletal
• Give shape & support
• Protect internal organs
• Moves muscles
• Form blood cells
• Store calcium and phosphorous
Question #2
• Name the two types of joints.
• Moveable and Immovable
Question #3
• List one of the 3 functions of the Muscular
• Stabilize joints with their TENDONS
• Produce movement (including standing
• Produce heat to maintain body temperature
Question #4
• Which muscle type is involuntary in control
and is autorhythmic of a built in pacemaker?
• Cardiac Muscle
Question #5
• Which type of muscle is voluntary in control
and is attached to the bone or skin?
• Skeletal Muscle
Question #6
• Which muscle type is nonstriated in
appearance, involuntary in control and located
in the walls of hollow organs such as the blood
• Smooth Muscle
Question #7
• List one of the three functions of the
circulatory system.
• Carries needed substances to cells (oxygen,
• Carries waste products away from cells.
• Contains cells that fight disease
Question #8
• Which structure of the heart receives blood
that comes into the heart?
• Atrium
Question #9
• What structure of the heart pumps blood out
of the heart?
• Ventricles
Question #10
List the three types of blood vessels.
Question #11
• Which component of blood fights disease?
• White Blood Cell
Question #12
• List one of the three other body systems that
work with the circulatory system?
• Respiratory
• Digestive
• Nervous