Anatomy & Physiology L2 Final Exam review sheet

Anatomy & Physiology L2
Final Exam review sheet
This is a basic outline only
Units to be covered in the Final Exam: FYI-look over all tests/quizzes this
half of year as well as brief review of first half of year tests/quizzes.
 Basic review of medical terminology and fields of medicine,
doctors that specialize,structural organization of human body
 Bones of the skeletal system
 Structures and function of the skeletal system
 Joints of the skeletal system (moveable/immovable, types and
locations, synovial=know parts and functions)
 Muscular system: including structure of a skeletal muscle,
names of skeletal muscles, actions of skeletal muscles,
 Physiology of Muscular system involved in muscle contraction
and exercise physiology
 Cardiovascular System: Structure and function and disorders
Review topics:
1. Throughout the semester, we have covered many of the 206 bones
of the human skeleton. Be familiar where they are in the body
a. How bone is formed fetus-old age
b. Functions of the skeletal system
c. Be able to label and describe all parts of a long/compact bone
d. Osteoporosis (TX, description, who gets it)
e. Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis (same things as above)
f. Rigor Mortis, Ricketts
g. Articular cartilage
h. Joints (description of each, how they work, where in body)
i. Synovial Joints (description, location, parts)
2. Review different muscle injuries/diseases that can affect various areas
in the body and the following:
a. Functions of muscular system
b. Characteristics of skeletal muscle
c.Know all parts of labeled pictures of muscle fiber/muscle as a whole
d. Muscle contraction: phases/what happens in each
e. Role of Calcium in muscle contraction
f. Exercise Physiology- 3 energy sources (what is involved with each
of these reserves) Fx of ATP and what it is made up of, glycogen, Electron
Transport Chain. Anaerobic respiration/aerobic respiration
g. Creatine: where it is, what it does, supplementation of it
h. Anabolic Steroid use: side effects, reasons why adolescents use
i. Muscle Cramping
j. Naming of muscles
k. Muscle actions
l. Review worksheets of: muscles/names/group action/what muscles
perform what actions
3. Review structure/function of Cardiovascular System:
a. Know how the blood circulates through heart
b. Review heart structure: chambers, valves, vessels
c. Diseases: review ppt on Cardiovascular and presentations/test ,
heart disorders (know causes, TX, S/SX
4. Digestive System:
a. Review the diseases/disorders discussed.
b. Where digestion begins
c. Know function of organs in the digestive system
4. ESSAYS: 5 of them (10 points each)
-Ten diseases of cardio, skeletal, muscular system. Matching the
-Heart: coronary arteries/heart attack (Myocardial infarction), doublepump,Oxygen supply
-Graph interpretation related to osteoporosis
-Steroid scenario
-“Genetics load your gun while environment and lifestyle choices
pull the trigger” Be able to discuss the meaning of this with examples.