Muscles and Exercise Project11-15

Muscle Diseases, Muscles and Exercise…A Closer Look
Due: November 15, 2013
Everyone knows that our body’s muscles play an important role during exercise. Without
muscles, running, jumping and swimming would be impossible tasks. While they play a vital role in
every type of movement, muscles are often abused during exercise. In this assignment, you are
going to research on a muscular disease/disorder, or an aspect, either positive or negative, of
exercise on muscle health. Below are the requirements to be followed.
Choose a pre-approved topic related to muscular disease (Muscular Diseases), musculoskeletal
disease, neuromuscular disease (Musculoskeletal Diseases), or muscles and exercise. Some suggestions:
 Effects of training (power, endurance)
 Causes of muscle fatigue
 Anaerobic Threshold
 Muscle Cramps
 Muscle Diseases/Disorders
 Any other topic of your choice! (Make sure you get the okay from me!)
After researching your topic, relay your findings in a 1-2-page (double-spaced), 12pt font, 1”
margins paper.
You must use at least 3 different sources.
Below is how your paper will be graded.
 Content-50 points
 Does your paper contain scientific information and research or is it filled
with “fluff?”
 Grammar, style and usage-10 points
 Proper citations-10 points
 Make sure you are paraphrasing and citing any sources you use. If you
are unsure of what this means or how to do this, please ASK!!!
 3 Sources-10 points
 Cover sheet with Name, Date, Period 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Title – 10 pts
 Approved topic signature – 10 pts
 Turned in one full class period early - +5 bonus pts.