ready to learn?

LMS School Rules
Respect self, others, all adults and school
Display positive/appropriate citizenship and
Be prepared for school and class
LMS Behavior
Step 1: warning/redirect,
conference with teacher
Step 2: early morning detention &
parent contact
Step 3: mini-school isolation &
parent contact
Step 4: dean referral & parent
8th Grade Expectations
Be on time.
Be prepared.
Stay on task.
Do not leave until your teacher dismisses you.
Mrs. Manley's
How do I enter the
You will have assigned seats.
Enter the classroom quietly and sit in your
assigned seat.
Begin your FOA immediately and silently. FOA is
not time for socializing.
When am I tardy?
You are considered tardy if you are anywhere
besides your assigned seat when the bell rings.
The only exception to the above is if you have a
signed note from a faculty member.
Am I ready to learn?
Ready to learn means you have everything you
need for my class when you walk in the door.
Check the poster on the door.
You will always need pencil and paper for this
Student Center
The student center is
where you will go
BEFORE the bell rings
for pencils, paper, or
My desk is off limits. You
should never take
anything off of my desk.
What if I don't have
pencil and paper?
Go to the student center immediately when you
enter the room. You must sign out and return
You need to have all materials and be in your
seat before the bell rings.
What if I'm absent?
It is your responsibility to come to me for
makeup work. I want you all to succeed, but I
don't have time to track you down.
You have five days to turn in makeup work. This
includes making up quizzes and tests.
6th Period Lunch
8B has the last lunch at 12:53. We will leave
class at 12:50.
We walk in a silent, straight line down the
We all sit at the second table.
I will pick you up at lunch and send you to
Instructional Time
When can I get out of my
Use wise judgement. You're 8th graders. You
should never be out of your seat when I'm
Hold all trash at your desk until the end of class.
Use the restroom between classes.
Unless it's a true emergency, I will not write a
clinic pass until the end of class.
I should not see or hear any electronics in my
If I see it or hear it, I will take it up. No warnings.
You know the school rules.
Gum? Drinks? Snacks?
I should not see or hear your gum.
Water bottles with water only - no soda, flavor
packets, etc.
Snacks are okay, as long as they don't cause a
If any of the above becomes a distraction, you
will lose privileges.
What is FOA?
FOA stands for focus on achievement.
FOA may include TCAP questions, writing
prompts, and even games.
I would like your FOA completed in your
composition books.
Make sure your book has your first and last
name, period, class number, mini-school, and
Language Arts.
Will I be graded on my
Yes! FOA will count as a weekly participation
grade. If you complete your FOA, you will get a
free 10/10 points.
If you are absent, it will not count against you.
Simply, write absent.
You will head each FOA
entry with date. Below the
date, you will write the
day of the week.
Give me five!
Answering Questions
Talking in class...
Classrooms run on mutual respect. You should
never be talking when I am talking or when your
classmate is talking.
Voice levels should always be kept at a low
level. We never want to disturb the classrooms
around us.
If I am playing background music, I should never
hear your voice over the music.
Will we get to work in
As of now, your desks are in pairs. Your
behavior over the next few weeks will determine
sitting in groups and working in groups.
When working in pairs, groups, or as a class,
follow all instructions given.
How do I head my
Name, first and last
Class number, class period followed by number.
Where do I turn in
Each class period has an inbox and outbox.
They are located on the cabinets beside the
Each class period has been assigned a color.
After turning in an assignment, please mark it on
your class period's poster.
There should never be more than three people
turning in assignments at a time.
Wait patiently until another classmate is finished.
Do not forget to mark the assignment on the
poster! The poster is your guide for missing
Ending Class
Class Dismissal
An alarm will sound when there is 2 minutes left
in class. You will have until the music ends to
pack up (30 seconds).
Once the music ends, whether you are packed
up or not, you must "give me five."
I will dismiss you when class ends. The bell
DOES NOT dismiss you!
You will not leave until the room is clean and
your chair is pushed in!!!
Let's have a great year!!!