FOA 3-5-12

FOA 3-5-12
Which part of Tennessee has the largest
deposits of coal?
A. Mississippi River Valley
B. East Tennessee
C. Central Basin Region
D. West Tennessee
FOA 3-5-12
Which political term means to divide a
geographic area into voting districts that give
an unfair advantage to one party in elections?
A. jury tampering
B. population sampling
C. gerrymandering
D. statutory requirement
FOA 3-6-12
Which of these industries is largest in Middle
A. raising livestock
B. extracting oil
C. harvesting nuts
D. mining coal
FOA 3-6-12
According to the bar
graph, which city has
seen the largest
population growth from
1999 to 2003?
A. Clarksville
B. Knoxville
C. Chattanooga
D. Memphis
FOA 3-7-12
Which of these resources is produced mainly in
East Tennessee?
A. Copper
B. Corn
C. Beef
D. Wheat
FOA 3-7-12
Which of these government events takes place
when there has been a population shift within
Tennessee during a 10-year period?
A. The state sales tax is adjusted.
B. The state constitution is revised by the
C. The state congressional district boundaries
are redrawn.
D. The number of state senators either increases
or decreases.
FOA 3-8-12
Tennessee Congressional districts are required
to be redrawn at least every 10 years to adjust
for population shifts. What is this requirement
an example of?
a redistricting statutory requirement
a political power shift
a forced relocation
a population shift requirement
FOA 3-8-12
Tennessee’s congressional district boundaries
change based on
A. census returns.
B. economic activity.
C. tax revenue.
D. candidates’ qualifications.