FOA Proposal Form-Blank

FOA Proposal Form
Part 1—Language in Cultural Context
My Name: ____Abby Chung____
Directions: Please complete this proposal form and submit it to Moodle (the FOA tab) before
class on Monday, Oct 27. Copy and paste your responses directly into the Forum Discussion
window and then attach this completed document to your Forum post.
1. A brief description of my FOA activity and topic (e.g. PowerPoint presentation
analyzing “metamessages” in mother-daughter speech).
PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the status difference between standard forms of
languages and non-standard versions.
2. Will I give an individual FOA or a group FOA? If I’m presenting in a group, what is
my role in the FOA? (e.g. individual FOA)
Individual FOA
3. Which Part 1 Learning Outcome this relates to? (e.g. “How language and meaning are
shaped by culture and context” and the bullet point “the ways in which gender shapes
language and influences communication.”)
The status given to standard and non-standard forms of the language
4. What text and/or topic in class is my FOA based upon? (e.g. “Can We Talk” by
Deborah Tannen)
“If Black English Isn’t A Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” by James Baldwin
5. What primary source(s) am I using in my analysis? (e.g. dialogues from “Can we
Talk?” as well as actual dialogues between my mother and me)
Statements from “If Black English Isn’t A Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” and “African
Speech…English Words”
6. What is my thesis statement in my FOA? What are my main points supporting this
thesis statement?
The pride and natural superiority of a certain native language, like nationalism, is the cause of
such diverse treatments of standard and “non-standard” forms of languages.
Lang & Lit