WALTON ARTS CENTER - American Association of Community

Position Title:
Technical Director
Reports To:
Executive Director and Associate Executive Director
Directly Supervises:
Technical Assistants
Technical Crew (volunteer and paid)
Basic Function:
To safely and effectively manage technical services and duties for
the presentation of all events
Position Summary
Supervises the technical department and establishes the technical direction and the visual
creation of theatre production sets. Is responsible for and communicates with the FOA staff
regarding tasks involving all technical aspects of FOA projects including construction/design of
all productions, as well as audio, video, and basic networking related requirements, recruiting
and supervision of technical team, scheduling and coordination of technical activities, research
for all equipment purchase or rentals, overseeing of maintenance of the building, and advising on
general schedules and set budgets for all productions. The technical director participates in all
performing arts productions and special events, as well as oversees volunteers in a technical
capacity. He works in partnership with the Artistic Director, ensuring productions are of the
highest standards and follow the mission of the organization.
Training and Education Background
A BSE is preferred. Training should include, but not be limited to, such areas as: set design,
sound design, lighting design, stage managing, set construction, visual arts, or graphic design.
Functions and Responsibilities
 Maintain a positive, professional working relationship with the entire Artistic,
Production, Technical, and Administrative staff
 Be willing to maintain open and direct communication with the entire Artistic,
Production, Technical, and Administrative staff
 Abide by all written policies as indicated in The Foundation of Arts Employee
 Recruit, train, and supervise all technical personnel for event set-up, production, and
 Maintain a large active list of tech personnel, available on as-needed basis
 Manage all technical aspects of events, including, but not limited to: sound, lighting,
staging, and staffing
 Attend all production meetings, tech rehearsals, and performances
 Organize, plan, and supervise construction of sets for FOA events
 Design and prepare lighting for all FOA theatrical productions (approximately 5 per
 Transform the designer’s plans, drawings, and models into the play’s physical set
 Oversee the construction, rigging, painting, and assembly of the set
 Evaluate technical requirements for FOA events including staffing, scheduling, and
 Maintain written inventory of all tools and equipment in The Forum and Arts Center
 Maintain proper preventative maintenance of all technical equipment including
documentation and training of personnel
 Supervise technical equipment operation, maintenance, and replacement
 Ensure that NO ONE who is under-age, under-skilled, or under-qualified operates
machinery, equipment, or tools
 Assist and train users of equipment as needed
 Ensure orderly maintenance of stage and backstage areas
 Organize and supervise strike immediately following FOA events
 Develop and implement a comprehensive stage safety program
 Oversee all aspects of stage safety including, but not limited to, open flames,
pyrotechnics, air quality (i.e. smoke and fog), rigging and temporary high voltage
electrical hook-ups
 Ensure necessary fire/building/electrical code compliance in all stage areas
 Provide necessary training to stage personnel and volunteers to ensure a safe
working environment
 Maintain scene shop, sound booth, and backstage areas in safe, clean, organized
working order that meets the standards of the Executive Director
IV. FORUM RENTALS (additional compensation may be paid for rental duties)
 General supervision of building and occupants during rental events (first to arrive,
last to leave concept)
 Schedule, in coordination with Executive Director, time and space requirements of
Forum rentals, providing technical expertise as needed
 Assist Forum renters with technical evaluation of events and conduct pre-event
production meetings as needed
 Evaluate technical requirements for Forum events including staffing, scheduling,
equipment, and billable charges
 Conduct pre-event interviews with Forum rental party to establish necessary
technical requirements
 All duties as required by the contract of the rental party
 Complete Rental Worksheet (to be signed by both parties) that includes all the needs
of the rental party.
 Monitor technical services related expenditures for budget compliance
 Prepare and submit annual technical services budget
 Prepare and submit a long-term maintenance budget estimate
 Adhere to production and equipment budget
 Serve as FOA representative as needed
 Other appropriate duties as defined/assigned by Executive Director
Personal Requirements
Must be organized
work well with others
be able to multi-task and prioritize duties to accomplish jobs within specified
Professional Requirements
sound (wireless microphones, headsets, sound boards, and sound effects)
lighting design (focusing, programming light boards, lighting patterns, gels,
special effects, etc.)