Exam 3 Review Sheet Format of exam The format of the exam will

Exam 3 Review Sheet
Format of exam
 The format of the exam will be 100 pts divided into individual or multipart problems. (See the
practice exam for structure.)
 The format of individual problems will be exactly the same as the homework.
 A significant number of problems will be directly from the homework or very closely related.
 Most of the rest of the problems will be based upon homework problems.
Study suggestions:
 Review Organic as a Second Language, Acid/base, resonance, and mechanism chapters
 Review homework by attempting to redo them without reference to answers.
 Review notes. Based on what we studied, come up with your own questions. Work in teams
and test each other.
 Use practice exams
 Nucleophilic Addition: recognize nucleophiles and electrophiles, (mechanism of aldol reaction,
imine, or acetal not tested, but good to know), aldol addition, aldol condensation, retroaldol
reaction, imine formation, Le Chatlier’s principle, hemiacetal formation, acetal formation, cyclic
acetal formation, linkages of carbohydrates, anomers
 Nucleophilic acyl substitution: carboxylic acid derivatives, mechanism under basic conditions,
predict equilibrium, predict products under acidic or basic conditions
 Compare all nucleophilic reactions and predict products
 Hydrolysis reactions—recognize as the opposite of condensations, predict products, understand
relative stability of hydrolysable bonds
 Phosphate esters and anhydrides—recognize functional groups, predict products of phosphate
hydrolysis and transfer reactions, explain thermodynamics of phosphate transfers.