Newsletter9thOctober2015 - Cholsey Pre

Weekly Newsletter 09/10/15
What we have been doing
We have all been very busy this week. We are now really settling into group times and being
able to sit for a short time and listen to the Key Workers. The children are still getting used
to other childrens names and being able to say who is sat next to them. We have started to
touch on some of our family links programme and talking about feelings. Looking at
eachothers faces to see if we can guess how that person is feeling or thumbs up or down for
some children. We have been continuing with our Woodland Creative Experience, now the
children are getting used to the boundaries and rules Dawn and Faye are going to be
introducing some new ideas to the children. This week saw the introduction of a new table in
Pre-School, ‘The Finger Gym’. This table is to help small fingers get stronger, this in turn will
help the children to hold a pencil for mark making. On the table this week we have had
shapes and different sized tweezers, the children use the tweezers to put the shapes in the
correct spaces. This also helps with shape recognition and counting. We also had P.E this
week in the big hall, we tried crawling, slithering, jumping, hopping along with listening to
songs with actions. One of the big parts of P.E to start with is the children learning to take
their shoes and socks off and put them back on by themselves.
Tip of the week
Playdough shop bought or homemade can be a fantastic material for children to be creative
with and strenghten their shoulders, arms and fingers. Smells such a lemon or mint and
colours can be added to enhance the dough along with things such as glitter or pasta to
change how it looks and feels as well as learning about smells and colours. Add a rolling pin,
cutters, plastic knives and forks and other equipment children can have lots of fun and learn
at the same time. If your child is standing whilst playing with the dough it helps to increase
muscle strength.
If you have access to a computer and laminator you can also make playdough mats, these can
be numbers, shapes, plates, food, rockets and so on.
The recipe we use here at Pre-School is as follows, it is easy to make and the children always
help us make it at Pre-School. Store it in a tub for it to last and add flour if it gets too
1 cup of Flour
½ cup of Salt
1 cup water
Food colouring and scent of choice.
Thank you
We have been very lucky and have had nice donations of biscuits and hot chocolate and juice
for Woodland Creative Experience, however we are now starting to run a little low. So if
anyone would like to donate some to us, especially hot chocolate, it will enable us to continue
this programme and not asking for a small financial donation for it.
A big Thank You to Evelyn in red group who with a little help from her mummy Jo made this
fantastic cushion for our Reading Area. Evelyn used a sewing machine and I am sure you will
agree the result is amazing.
We still haven’t had many replies regarding Breakfast Club, if you would like to reply and
haven’t yet got round to it please just pop the form back to us or drop us an email.
Dates for your diary
Please do not forget there is an INSET day next Thursday the 15th October, Pre-School will
not be open on this day.
The children will be making cakes to sell from Wednesday 21st October – Friday 23rd
End of term Friday 23rd October
Back to Pre-School Monday 2nd November
We seem to be missing a few of our waterproof red coats, if anyone has borrowed one to
walk home in please could you return them to us, we need them for Woodland Creative
Experience and for wet play.
I hope you have a good weekend