Week beginning 12th Jan 2015 - Cholsey Pre

Weekly Newsletter
What we have been doing this week.
It has been a very busy but fun week at Pre-School. This week we have baked and decorated
cakes and biscuits to sell for our Cake sale. When we bake it helps us with many things, our
numbers, our fine and gross motor skills from stirring and scooping mixture into cases and
our listening skills as we listen to instruction. We also learn about good hygiene when we
We have also been recognising and reciting numbers and we have been looking at how the
children cope with praise and criticism as part of our Family Links programme.
We have had some new starters with us at Pre-School this week, and it is always good to
have a reminder of some of our Safe Guarding policies and practices.
Here are a few for this week.
Please can you remember not to use your mobile phone whilst in Pre-School. Phones
must be put away before entering to drop/pick up your child.
If your child needs the toilet at pick up or drop off time can we remind you that you
will not be allowed in the toilets if there is an unaccompanied child in there. Please
speak to a member of staff if your child needs the toilet at these times.
Lastly can we remind you that children are not allowed to use the outside play area at
Pre-School at pick up time.
All our policies are available for you to view in the Pre-School or on our website. We
ask parents to remind carers about this if they are not dropping off or picking up.
The weather has been a mixed bag this week. Can you please make sure your child comes
dressed appropriately for that day.
Here is a little check list to help...
Indoor shoes
Outdoor shoes
Warm coat
Warm clothing if cold
Change of clothes
Funding Forms
If you haven’t filled in your funding from yet please can you speak to Kirstie or Becky. We
need these filled in so you can get your 15 hours free funding otherwise you will be charged
for the sessions.
We will be holding our first workshop on March the 12th from 3.45 - 4.45pm. This will be for
you and your child to come and join in with ‘Messy Play’. Messy play is very beneficial to our
learning but can be hard for parents/carers to do at home. We would like to give you
information on why and how Messy play works and what it teaches us. We will also give you
ideas of what you could do at home.
If you would like to come to this Workshop please could you let us know.
Abel and Cole
Abel and Cole, we order these lovely bags every week, orders need to be placed by 3pm on
Tuesdays. So far we have raised just over £100 which is fantastic. Just E-mail or let Kirstie
know if you would like to place your order, bag contents are online at
www.abelandcole.co.uk/farmers-choice or on the notice board outside of Pre-School.
Kind Regards
Becky Heal