Dickleburgh Pre-School Risk Assessment Policy Aim: To ensure the

Dickleburgh Pre-School
Risk Assessment Policy
Aim: To ensure the safety of all children and adults at Pre-School and on visits from Pre-School.
Risk assessments cover and record all aspects of safety looking at:
Identification of the risk
Who is at risk and the harm that could be caused
Control measures in place
Monitoring of the risk
Thorough risk assessments for all areas of Pre-School are carried out regularly by the Pre-School
Leader and other staff. A copy of the risk assessments for the whole of preschool are kept in the
setting. Adults are encouraged to look at the risk assessments and add/adjust as appropriate and
to let the HSE officer know of any issues that arise.
Risk assessments are also carried out for any other places that preschool may visit, for example a
walk around the village.
Staff are required to assess the indoor and outdoor environment of Pre-School daily and log any
Health and Safety issues on the daily risk assessment sheet. This is regularly checked by the
A termly risk assessment is carried out by the Pre-School Leader and Chairperson to ensure that
our high standards are being maintained, and any necessary action is taken.
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