Newsletter November 14

3rd November 2014
How fast the first half of this term has gone. We have already welcomed Riya-May Archer and Kayne
Farhall and Joshua Fenton-Journeaux will be joining us this month.
Topics this half term
3rd November - Bonfires & Fireworks
Making a Rocket
Firework Night Sky display
Fire – hot or cold, what colour etc.
Edible sparklers
10th November - Remembrance
Making Poppies
Sowing poppy seeds
2 minutes silence
Marching songs (e.g. Grand Old Duke of York)
Cheese straws (no reason, I just wanted to make some!)
17th November - Movement
Marble pictures
Chasing bubbles
Making jelly
Dancing with scarves
Pouring water, making waves
Slow, fast, big, small movements
24th November - Weather
Different types of weather
Weather pictures
Water paintings
What clothing to wear
Making coloured and flavoured ice cubes
24th November – 5th December
Pre-School display in the school entrance hall
1st – 15th December
All sorts of Christmas activities and practising the nativity
If you have any ideas to go with any of the above or for future topics please feel free to write them on
the Interactive Topics Board which will be on the outside table each morning.
Christmas Nativity
We will be practising the nativity songs, kindly written by Mrs Hayers, over the coming weeks.
A copy of the songs and the parts the children will be playing will be sent out in the next couple of
weeks once we have spoken to all the children about what part they would like.
Parent Consultations
These will be held from 17th to 28th November. Available times for each member of staff will be on the
outside table. Should any of these times not be convenient you are more than welcome to see any other
member of staff.
Learning Journals will be available for you to take home during the week of 10th November.
Garden/Playground news
The fence between the two Pre-school/Hamble playgrounds has been removed. This encourages a much
more free-flow outdoor play for the children, with more space to run around and be adventurous.
All gates to the school field and main playground are locked and cannot be opened by our children.
Shoes – Can I please remind you that shoes with Velcro fastenings are much easier for the children to
take off and put on themselves, we do have 2 weekly sessions in the hall where the children explore
travelling and moving around a larger space in bare feet and we will also be wearing wellies for outside
play when the weather becomes more wintery!
Wellies – Could you please ensure that we have a pair of named wellies kept at pre-school? We do have
a few spares, but not in all the sizes that we may need.
Trousers –Loose fitting trousers or track suit bottoms are recommended as on a couple of occasions we
have had some accidents where children were unable to push their trousers down before going to the
Stay and Play
Parents are always welcome to stay at pre-school in the morning or afternoon to sit and play, do a craft,
play on the pirate ship or read a book.
No need to book this just let a member of staff know that you are staying on. The children will love to
have a new person to talk to and play with.
Dates for your diary
Friday 14th November
Children in Need day
Pre-school children can wear superhero costumes all of this week for
a £1 donation and buy cakes from the school for 40p on Friday only
17th – 28th November
Parent consultations
Friday 12th December
Pre-school Nativity - 9am in the school hall
Wednesday 17th December
Pre-school Christmas party – more details to follow
Friday 19th December
Last day of the Autumn term
Monday 5th January
First day of the Spring term
Thank you
Heather, Jo, Kathy