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Chemical Bonding Notes
Chemical Bonding
Octet rule
Exceptions to this
Duet Rule
Three types of Bonds (we
will study two)
- Only valence electrons are involved.
- In molecules and compounds, elements should be in contact
with “8” valence electrons
- These fill up the valence shell
- Aluminum, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Xenon
Hydrogen and Helium are the only exceptions to the octet rule
for fill the outer shell with 8 electrons. Their outer shell can only
hold 2 electrons
Ionic Bonds
Electrons are transferred
Metals combine with non-metals
If the atom LOSES electrons, it will have a POSITIVE charge
If the atom GAINS electrons the atom will have a NEGATIVE
2) Covalent bonds
- Electrons are shared between atoms
- Non-metals bond with Non-metals