Chapter 9 Test Topics

Biology Honors
Chapter 9 Test Topics
Punnett squares
o Monohybrid (single) crosses
o Dihybrid (double) crosses
o Genotype & Phenotype ratios (phenotype only for dihybrids)
Mendel’s work with pea plants
o True-breed v. Hybrid
o Parental (P) v. F1 v. F2
Mendel’s principles:
o Dominance
o Segregation
o Independent assortment
o What is a test cross?
o What information can they provide?
Non-Mendelian/Complex patterns of inheritance (Rule Breakers)
o Incomplete Dominance v. Codominance – Be able to identify examples & do Punnett squares
o Multiple Alleles – Define, Be able to determine phenotypes (rabbit fur)
o Polygenic Traits – Define, give examples, How do you know a trait is polygenic (bell-curve)
o Pleiotropy
o Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance: What does the theory state? Hos is is related to Mendel’s
o Linked genes
 When are genes linked? How can frequency of crossing over be used to estimate gene loci?
 Sex-linkage
 What does it mean to say a trait is sex-linked?
 Examples of sex-linked traits
 More common in males or females? Why?
Blood typing
o Be able to figure out genotypes of blood types
o Antigens/Antibodies of each ABO blood type (A, B, AB and O)
o Rh+ v. Rh- genotypes, antigens, antibodies
o Universal donor? Universal acceptor?
o Blood transfusions – Be able to tell if transfusion would work and why?
o Circle v. square
o Shaded v. unshaded
o Dominant v. recessive
o Sex-linked v. autosomal
o Be able to predict genotypes of individuals in the pedigree