Genetics Review Sheet 1 Semester Introduction

Genetics Review Sheet 1st Semester
Microscope (magnification, orientations)
Classroom Expectations
Classroom Safety
Chp. 1 (Intro to genetics)
Cell Structure - Power Point
Prokaryote / Eukaryote
Organelles and function- drawing
Cellular Transport- lab
Chemistry-Power Point
types of bonds
compounds of life
Mitosis and Meiosis
Cell Reproduction – Power Point
SA / Vol ratios-lab
Mitosis - stages & sig. of each (ppt. pjcts.)
Meiosis- stages & significance of each
DNA and Protein Synthesis
DNA - Power Point in Class Data folder
History (Franklin…)-posters/notes
Replication enzymes -drawing
Structure – Notes and Model
*DNA Quiz
Protein Synthesis-Power Point in Class Data folder
Practice worksheet
Amino Acids
*Review worksheet-KEY posted on web
Mendel 1Chapter 4 Notes
Punnett Squares
Phenotypic and Genotypic ratios
*Mendel Quiz
Mendel 2
Chapter 5 Notes
2 factor crosses (genotypes and ratios)
3 factor crosses (genotypes and ratios)
*Cross Quiz
Exceptions to Mendel Notes and Worksheet
Epistasis Notes and Worksheet
This review sheet is only a guide to your studying.
The final is not limited to things on this list.
*emphasize effort studying these and exams first
A majority of the final will be questions that you
have seen on previous exams