The Middle Ages
Mr. Booth/Alex Trebek
Germanic Kingdoms
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Chapter 13 terms
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Chapter 13 Key Concepts
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Random Middle
Ages Questions
Chapter 14 Key Concepts
Chapter 14 Terms
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Final Jeopardy
Give me an example of each of the 4
1 minute, 30 seconds…
Who is Clovis?
This first Frankish King appealed to the Christian God
before a battle like Constantine. After his army won he
and his 3,000 men were baptized to Christians. This
was a way for him to control his kingdom.
Who is Charles Martel?
Known as the Hammer, he was in charge of the
Frankish empire and under his rule he defeated
the Spanish Muslims (Moors) at the Battle of
Tours in 732. This signaled the beginning of the
Carolingian Dynasty of the Franks.
Who is Pepin the Short?
Known for his different haircut, the pope would
anoint him “king by the grace of God.” The
Franks immediate turned into the Carolingian
Dynasty. He was also the father of
Who is Charlemagne?
Was known as Charles the Great. He took over the
Carolingian Empire with is brother after his father
died. After his brother died he created the legacy of 1.
unifying the empire through conquest, 2. spreading
education, and 3. becoming the Holy Roman Empire
because he was crowned by the pope.
What is counties; counts?
In order to have his empire
controlled properly, he divided
his empire into 350_______
which were supervised by 350
What is a Vassal?
Another name for a
someone who receives
a piece of land
What is a fief?
Granted land in return for feudal
What is a tithe?
Peasant families owed the village
priest this, or a church tax – which
was 10% of the family’s income…
What is Chivalry?
Code of knightly behavior.
What is a squire ?
At age 14, a noble’s son could
aspire to becoming this, or a
knight’s servant, and escort the
knight into battle with the hopes
of one day becoming a knight.
What are 1. the church, 2. the classical
heritage of Rome and 3. Germanic customs
and culture?
The Middle Ages had roots in
these three things:
“Don’t Choke!”
What is a Longbow?
This medieval weapon of technology
was used by many soldiers during the
Middle Ages. The French version
could aim the weapon accurate for 150
yards. This weapon lasted until the
invention of the gun.
What is secular?
The church under Gregory I became increasing
political to protect and expand. What is another
name as discussed in class for becoming more
What are lords, lord God, and his lady?
The knight fought bravely in defense of these
three masters
What are the Magyars, the Muslims, and
the Vikings?
The three groups that attacked
Western Europe in the Middle
What is 1. the Treaty of Verdun. What is 2.
Charlemagne’s three sons, and 3. this created the
downfall of this empire because it was split up. This
created a path for feudalism to begin. ?
This treaty distinguished what and who would
get the inheritance of the Carolingian Dynasty
after Charlemagne died. 1. What was the
treaty, 2. who got the land? 3. What did this
What is canon law?
Church created laws concerning
marriage, divorce, or inheritance
so increase control over Western
What is Lay Investiture?
The power of the king to appoint or
name the clergy in your own
Canossa, Italy
The city where the Holy Roman Emperor
Henry IV begged Pope Gregory I to take
away the excommunication and
interdict placed on him
“Don’t Choke!”
What is Avignon, France?
In 1305, the newly elected Pope, Clement V, moved the
papacy from Rome to this French city
Who is Pope Urban II
This pope gave a speech in
Clermont, France and called
upon all Christians to “enter
upon the road to the Holy land
and wrest that land from the
wicked race, and subject it to
What is acting Secular?
This is when the church becomes involved
in worldly affairs (wars, politics, among
other things.)
What is marked with a cross
The Spanish word
cruzade (crusade)
literally meant this
What is simony?
Practice where bishops sold
positions in the church
What is Gothic Architecture?
Type of architecture in regards to
churches where the roofs thrust
upwards, and they have stained
What is the Battle of Hastings?
This battle in 1066 pitted William the Conqueror
and the Normans against King Harold Godwinson
and the English. The winner would hold wear the
crown as the King of England
What is increasing the land size of France
(tripled) by regaining Normandy?
Phillip II helped strengthen the central
government in France by doing two things:
creating bailiffs who collected taxes and this:
What is Asia?
The continent where the
Bubonic Plague started
B. About 25 Million?
The Plague killed this
estimated amount of people in
the 1300’s.
a. about 10 million
b. about 25 million
c. about 50 million
d. about 75 million
What is the Magna Carta?
English nobles forced King John to sign this document
that limited his power. Eventually this guaranteed
basic legal rights in England in 1215. This included: 1.
no taxation without representation,
2. the right of a jury trial,
3. protection under the law.