Merovingian Dynasty
• 482-511 – Clovis rules, married to Catholic
Burgundian Clotilda, she convinces him to
convert to Catholicism
• Emperor (eastern) appointed Clovis consul for
helping to defeat Visigoths
Frankish conquests
Carolingian Dynasty
• 718-741 – Charles Martel “The Hammer”,
illegitimate son of Pepin of Heristal, seized
throne from Pepin’s son
• 732 – Battle of Tours – Martel defeats
Umayyad Arabs
• Merovingians and Carolingians fight for
control of Franks
• 751 – last Merovingian defeated by Pepin the
Short, Martel’s son
Umayyad Empire
• Son of Pepin the Short
• 800-814 – King of Franks after brother Carloman
died, conquered Lombards, Bavaria, parts of
Spain, Saxons, made himself king of Lombards,
harsh military leader
• Illiterate but good administrator
• 800 – crowned first Holy Roman Emperor by Pope
Leo III, Otto I (first emperor of Holy Roman
• Charlemagne – Carolingian Empire
Charlemagne’s Coronation
Breakup of Carolingians
• 814-833 – Louis I forced to abdicate by first
three sons
• Three sons divide up empire
• West Francia became modern France:
included Brittany, Burgundy, Aquitaine
• 987 – Carolingian rule over, Capetian line
begins with Hugh Capet (elected over last
Carolingian Charles)
Divisions of Frankish Kingdom
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