A bit about me . . .
•Pepperdine University
•B.A. English
•M.A. Education
•Santa Monica Montessori
Husband: Mark
 Barrett : Freshman at
Emerson College
Jack: 9th Grade
Kate: 7th Grade
Dog: Potter
Cat: Zelda
Fish: lost track of names
 Check my teacher page: Class Calendar, Daily
Homework, Class Files for Reading Log, Class
Newsletter, etc…
Check your child’s agenda and homework/folder
Email me:
Send a note
Give a call
Class work
skills learned in class
45 minutes
Due the following day
Reading/Math Log due
each Friday
Have your child eat a snack before they
begin homework
Remind your child to use their
textbooks, class notes, lists, and online
support (teacher page links)
Do the reading and math log daily. It
can be overwhelming to complete on a
Thursday night!
Please review and sign your child’s
agenda daily
Encourage your child to have their
homework/agenda/books in their
backpack the night before ready to go.
Avoid morning chaos!
Please do not turn in forgotten
homework for your child. Let them take
Third Grade Subjects
 Spelling: 30 words per week (20 basic, 5 review, 5 challenge), based on spelling principles,
test every Wednesday
Grammar: subject, predicate, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, comma usage, quotation
usage, capitalization & punctuation
Writing Workshops: descriptive paragraph, personal narrative, how to essay, persuasive
letter, fictional story, research reports, poetry
Cursive: practice the first few months, make the switch in January
Vocabulary: 10 new words every other week
Phonics: word attack skills, last year for phonics
Reading: Junior Great books Series, chapter books including Martin’s Mice, If You Sailed
on the Mayflower, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Express,
The Best School Year Ever
Math: fact fluency for multiplication & division, place value through hundred thousands,
elapsed time, customary & metric measurement, making change, geometry, fractions
Social Studies: kinds of communities, Native American communities, early U.S.
communities, being an active citizen, U.S. government (local, state, national), world
Science: life science (plants, animals, ecosystems), solar system (moon phases, eclipses,
inner & outer planets, telescopes), energy, matter (physical & chemical changes)
Other Important Stuff
School begins promptly at 8:30. Plan to arrive
by 8:15 so your child won’t feel rushed.
Bring a labeled water bottle to school each day.
Please ensure that your child gets a good night’s
rest, eats a protein-filled breakfast, and brings a
healthy snack each day!
Comfort letters: need as soon as possible,
include a family photo
Change of clothes: label a gallon size Ziplock
bag, send in as soon as possible
Field Trips: California Science Center, Autry
Western Heritage Museum, GCC Planetarium,
Tree People
ERB Testing: do not schedule any doctor
appointments, please be on time, make sure
your child eats a healthy breakfast
Class Parties: story and/or game that doesn’t
require purchases