FS & Year 1 Spring Term 1 - Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School

What are we learning in the Spring Term?
Class: Creators
Talk for Walking: Texts we will be using are: Pinocchio and Kipper’s Toy box
We will cover writing fiction, labels and captions, instructions and poems.
Grammar and Punctuation: Using a capital letter for the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end. Begin to use
suffixes ‘ing ‘ ‘ed ‘ 'er’ and use the prefix ‘un’ to change the meaning of adjectives and verbs.
Spellings: Words linked to phonics stage and the National Curriculum. Introducing the new ‘spelling passport’ scheme
Number and place value – recognition and ordering numbers to 100 Understanding place value for tens and units
Mental Addition and Subtraction . Halves and doubles of numbers to 20
Problem solving, reasoning and algebra.
Mental Multiplication and Division. Counting in 10’s, 5’s and 2’s. Sharing groups of objects.
Geometry: properties of shapes and position and direction. Confidently name all common 2 and 3 d shapes.
Measurement – Measuring with non-standard units, length and weight. Money
Other curriculum areas
Materials – Identification of different materials and exploring their properties
Spring - New life
animal life cycles
History and Geography – Toys in the past
Design and Technology – Making a puppet
Art – ‘Colour Chaos’ - Exploring primary and secondary colours. Beginning to understand the use of tone and tint
Computing – Computer Science - Understanding what Algorithms are. Create a debug a simple program. Write an
Algorithm to programme ‘Bee bot’
RE – The journey of Life / Belonging
PSHCE – Emotional knowledge and Managing Feelings
Music – ‘ Make and combine sounds’ In this unit children will experiment with different ways of creating sounds using a
variety of materials. They will explore dynamics and simple notation.
Special Events:
Year 1 are having dance lessons on Tuesdays with Anna from Anna’s dance Academy
Brush Bus - Launch of healthy teeth programme for Year 1 and Foundation Stage
Year 1 to join with Year 2 and 3 for their World War 2 Day in school
Foundation Stage to have a puppet making afternoon with their parents
Spellings – Spelling words linked to the phonic phase each child is on.
Spelling tests are on Fridays. Launched this term a new Spelling scheme called Spelling Passport to be used
across school.
Either a maths activity or a reading comprehension – to be handed in the following Thursday.
Reading at home every night.
Phonics: Letter sounds and names by phonics phase. Roll a sound game cards and phonic flip books