Physics 12 Syllabus
Spring 2016 | T. Hersey | | @herseymath
Course Description
Physics 122 is the second of two physics courses designed for students who intend on going to university.
Topics include dynamics, kinematics, and fields. The course aims to engage students in relating physics
concepts to societal contexts and applications by using theoretical and practical investigations.
 Binder
Physics – McGraw Hill Ryerson
 Loose-leaf
 Graph Paper
 Duo-tang (for labs)
 Writing Utensils (pens & pencils)
 Ruler & Protractor
 Scientific Calculator
 Erasers
1. Dynamics
3. Fields
- Vector Analysis in 2 Dimensions
- Gravity
- Conservation of Momentum
- Magnets
- Newton’s Laws
- Electricity
- Universal Law of Gravitation
2. Motion
- Coulomb’s Law
- Projectiles
- Ohm’s Law
- Circular Motion
4. Project
- Harmonic Motion
- Kepler’s Laws
- Research project
Marking Scheme
20% Assignments & Quizzes
30% Tests
10% Project
10% Labs
30% Exam
1. Be on time – this applies to both class time and due dates
2. Be polite
3. Be prepared
Late Work: Any late assignments will be deducted 10% per day. Assignments more than 5 days late will be
given a mark of zero.
Absenteeism: In order to be successful in this course regular attendance is required. Students are
responsible for any work missed and must make arrangements outside of class time for any missed
assessments/notes. For any missed tests/assignments a written excuse must be provided.
Academic Integrity: All sources used must be referenced. If work was done collaboratively this must be
stated on all submitted work.
Re-Tests: Students will be allowed a MAXIMUM of 2 re-writes on major assessments. To be considered for
a re-write the student must do the following: attend ≥ 1 extra help session, and submit test corrections.
Extra Help
Extra help will be available on the following days at lunch: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Sessions will also be available after school by appointment.