African American and Latino Studies Syllabus

African American and Latino Studies Syllabus:
Course objectives:
This course introduces many aspects of history that will be covered in your high school
career. I will emphasize the importance of the past and how it affects your future. As I
always say, “those that can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” You will
have the chance to do creative projects and learn the objective side of history.
Your grade is based on the following:
1. Behavior
2. Attendance
3. Classwork
4. Homework
5. Projects
6. Quizes
7. Participation
8. Final Exam
Grade Scale:
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 60-69
F = 0-50
Written Assignments:
All assignments will be posted on-line on
You are responsible for all of your assignments. If you miss a day then you are
responsible for getting your work. The library is open so you can come in any time and
get it off of the computer.