Cell Analogy Make-up Assignment

Cell Analogy Posters Make-up Assignment
Draw a picture of a plant or animal cell including the following:
Both types of cell:
Plasma Membrane
Rough ER (with attached ribosome)
Golgi Apparatus
Free Ribosome
If drawing a plant cell also include:
Cell Wall
Central Vacuole
On the back of your poster or a separate piece of paper you will illustrate how the
organelles in a cell make it more efficient by a division of labor, with each organelle
doing a different job. You will create an analogy theme for the parts of the cell- such
as the parts of a school, office, town, factory etc. (An analogy is a comparison
between two objects which are similar in some respect.) Try to choose a creative
Within your theme you will identify how 5 different organelles fit into this theme.
Your analogy should include the reasoning for your choice in a way that also clearly
explains the role of that organelle.
For example: If your theme is the animal cell as the United States you could have the
following analogy for the plasma membraneThe plasma membrane is like the customs border around the US because it
controls what can enter and exit the cell.
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