Literary Device Definitions

Literary Device Definitions
Figure of Speech: A regional expression
that is not meant literally (says something different
than what it means.) Understood by only a specific
group of people. Example: You’re driving me up the wall!
A. Idiom:
Figure of Speech: A comparison between
unlike things which (usually) uses the words “like” or
“as” to make the comparison.
B. Simile:
Example: The dog’s tail thumped rhythmically like the steady
beating of a drum.
A comparison between
unlike things (does not use the words “like” or “as”
to make the comparison) saying that one thing IS the
other thing (which it’s not)
C. Metaphor: Figure of Speech:
Example: Her kindness was a blanket of warmth.
A comparison between
two different situations, but which do have some
qualities in common. In an analogy, the similarities
are pointed out.
D. Analogy: Figure of Speech:
Example: Arguing with my parents is like trying to ride a bull; it’s
a nearly impossible task and they always win.