Cell Analogy Project

Cell Analogy Project
The goal of this project is to help you remember the structure and function
of each organelle in a cell. In this project you will be comparing the cell to a
structure or organization that, like a cell, is self-sufficient.
Step 1: Think of an analogy for the cell. Analogies that generally work well
include factories and cities. Analogies that do not work well include soccer
teams and houses.
Step 2: Fill in the cell analogy brainstorming sheet. This will help you
determine how each organelle fits into your analogy.
Step 3: Create a project. You have some choices here. You may make a
poster, a children’s book, a model, a video, or any other teacher approved
idea you have. You project should show effort and creativity. Take pride in
your work!
Step 4: The presentation. Present your analogy to the class. Your
presentation must be at least 3 minutes long. Practice before hand so you
are prepared.
Projects that are not presented will not be
Important: You may work alone or with a partner. If you work with a
partner you will both receive the same grade. Projects turned in late will
only be worth half credit.
The project is due Friday, September 25.
On this day you will need to
• Turn in your project
• Present your project to the class
• Turn in the brainstorming sheet (one per group)
• Turn in this handout (one per group)
Project Section
Points Earned
Should show
effort and
On your project
you must write
the names of the
organelles next
to or on the
structures in
your project they
correspond to.
You must include
all of the
organelles listed
on the
Should be
complete and
NEAT. Should
show a clear
understanding of
the function of
each organelle.
Oral Presentation At least 3
minutes long. If
you work with a
partner both you
and your partner
have to speak.
Points Possible
Cell Analogy Brainstorming Sheet
What are you comparing the cell to?
What will you use to represent each of the following organelles? For each choice,
include an explanation. Remember your explanations should show understanding of
the functions of the organelles.
1) Mitochondria:
The ________________ is like the mitochondria because
2) Ribosomes:
The ________________ is like the ribosomes because
3) Nucleus:
The ________________ is like the nucleus because
4) Endoplasmic Reticulum:
The ________________ is like the endoplasmic reticulum
5) Golgi Apparatus:
The ________________ is like the Golgi Apparatus because
6) Cell Membrane:
The ________________ is like the cell membrane because
7) Lysosomes:
The ________________ is like the lysosomes because
8) Proteins (not an organelle but the product cells manufacture)
The ________________ is like the proteins because