Syllabus - Miami Beach Senior High School

Course Title: Introduction to Information Technology
Course Number: 8207310 (7201_S10 / 01)
Teacher: Robert Ellis
School Year: 2015 / 2016
305-532-4515 ext. 2504
Room #504
[email protected]
Introduction to Information Technology provides an overview of information technology (IT) today. It serves as
the foundation for all of the core courses offered by the Academy of Information Technology. The course
provides students with an introduction to hardware and software, looking at both peripherals and inside the
box. Most importantly, students will use online resources like Edmodo, Gemetrix, and the C. I.W. online
curriculum to earn a certification in C.I.W. Internet Business Associate.
The CIW Internet Business Associate curriculum prepares students to work effectively in today's business
environment. They will learn about the tasks involved in various Web Technology job roles, and the skills and
technologies to perform them. The career opportunities that demand these common Web-based skills are
endless. Once certified, students will have proven that they have foundational knowledge of important
technologies that affect virtually every business. This certification is ideal for all students and professionals who
use the Internet on the job.
Then, with hands-on activities and National Academy Foundation (NAF) curriculum, students explore the most
common types of operating systems, software applications, and programming languages. Students learn about
the different types of networks and network topology. During the course, students consider contemporary IT
issues such as security and privacy, the effects of IT on society, on the individual and technological inequality.
Students also get a chance to discover the types of careers that exist in IT today.
Course Topics:
The Significance of Information Technology and the History of Computers
Internet connection methods, Internet protocols, the Domain Name System (DNS) and cloud
The basic functions of Web browsers, the components of Web addresses, the use and control
of cookies, and browser use in the business world
Browser plug-ins and add-ons, and use of browsers to download and manage files
Databases as they relate to Web search engines, and ways to conduct basic and advanced
Web searches
Configuration and use of e-mail clients, guidelines for effective communication over the Internet
using modern Web technologies and social networking tools
Internet research and collaboration tools, software development tools, and the patent and
licensing practices that accompany software applications
Issues and risks associated with the Internet, and the security measures that can keep your
computer system and your personal information secure
Fundamental elements of project and program management, and the importance of acquiring
these skills for all IT job roles.
Text and Materials:
 Online information, online Ebook from C.I.W., Gemetrix, Edmodo and more will be provided through the
class website.
 Additional text is taken from scholarly journals, newspapers, the Internet and other sources.
 Students should have a notebook, pen, paper, USB flash drive, tablet device or laptop if available, and
use of the student portal to save projects and work on Onedrive.
Grading Criteria:
All students will be graded on the M-DCPS four point grading scale in the following areas:
 Home Study Assignments
 Participation
 Notebook / Reading / Writing / SAT Words of the Week / Concept Definition Maps
 Class work and Labs
 Quizzes / Tests
 Projects
 Extra Credit
 Conduct and Effort
 Certification Exam