Science Syllabus Dear Parents,

Science Syllabus
Dear Parents,
These past few days have been an absolute delight. It has been my pleasure
getting to know my new students for the year. I am very impressed. You
have done an excellent job; they were so polite and respectful as they
became acquainted with their new surroundings at the middle school. I know
that this is a big transition time for your child. I hope that we can work
together throughout the year to make their experience at school a success.
Please never hesitate to contact me. In fact I firmly believe your child’s
success is due in large part to open communication with your child’s teacher.
Mrs. Maurer’s contact information:
School phone number: 961-2870 x3662
School email address:
Home phone number: 964-7196
Cell: 357-2847
GOALS: We will cover what is expected of us as per the California State
Standards, in sixth grade this encompasses Earth Science. I will go over the
standards more in-depth at back to school night, September, 3rd. I will show
the textbook we use at that time as well. I hope the suspense compels you
enough to come that night as I look forward to meeting you.
GRADING PROCEDURE: My sixth grade science program is based on the
belief that children learn science through experimental activities in an
environment which allows them to investigate concepts using concrete
materials. Project based hands-on instructional units combined with a
textbook approach, enables children to learn the essence of science by
asking questions and working to find answers. This approach to science
captures children's curiosity, stimulates their interest in science, and helps
them to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for problem-solving.
Grades are weighted as follows
Tests 20%
Homework 10%
Notebook 20%
Labs 20%
In class assignments 3jjj0%
At back to school I will provide instructions on how to check your student’s grade
online. You can also find instructions on our school website. If you ever have any
questions about your students grade please call or email me.
TESTS: Tests will be multiple choice and short answer. Many tests will be
open note, and therefore success depends upon the quality of the students
interactive journal. Quizzes are taken online on our Edmodo* website and
grades will be available immediately upon completion of the quiz. *Read on
for further explanation of Edmodo.
HOMEWORK: Science homework will be assigned on a regular basis on
Wednesday nights. Students will have a reading assignment. They are to
read the assignment and answer three questions. Answers should be
complete sentences using text based evidence in their answers. I provide a
thorough training in what text based answers require and provide terms and
prompts with each weeks assignment. Assignments will be posted on my
teacher website, as well as Edmodo.
SCIENCE NOTEBOOK: Students will maintain an interactive science
notebook to help organize work done in class. I hope this notebook will be a
valuable resource throughout the remaining school years. It will be
important to keep notebooks up to date and organized. Notebooks will be
checked weekly/biweekly. Students will need one tab in their binder devoted
to science.
LAB SAFETY: Since we will be doing lab investigations throughout the year,
safety is a top priority. All rules must be followed at all times in order to
maintain lab privileges. Inappropriate behavior or failure to follow the safety
rules may result in a change of assignment, and participation in group
activities may be limited. We will be going over safety rules over the next
week and a contract will be coming home for you and your student to review,
sign, and return.
STUDY SKILLS: Every attempt is made to support study skills. Good habits
are reinforced in the classroom, such as note taking, review and repetition,
and time devoted to students practicing with their newly acquired
ABSENCES, AND MAKE-UP WORK: It is the responsibility of each student
to ensure success and this means making up all missed work. Work missed
will be organized and ready for you to pick up the first day back in class,
however, it is your responsibility to ask for or pick up these materials.
Again please use my teacher website for homework assignments.
LATE WORK: Work should be turned in on or before its due date. If the
deadline cannot be made, PRIOR arrangements with the teacher shall occur
in order to receive full credit.
CLASSROOM SUPPLIES: Please help ensure that your child comes to school
every day with paper, pencils. I also consider water crucial to student’s
ability to concentrate in class. I welcome water bottles and allow students to
refill them in my room. We also have a hydration station in the cafeteria.
Another important supply is rest. According to research students this age
need at least 8.5 hours sleep each night.
CLASSROOM RULES: Please look in your student’s binder for your child’s
notes on our classroom rules and procedures.
TECHNOLOGY: I am excited to announce that I am an ardent supporter of
STEM education; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. My science
classroom has 30 laptops exclusively for our use. The overview for the
technology curriculum includes; basic computer operations, keyboard skills,
Microsoft word, informational literacy(responsible and reliable online
research skills), communication and collaboration online, and digital
citizenship and cyber safety.
EDMODO( This school year, our class will be using Edmodo, a
free and secure online learning platform where teachers and students can
collaborate, share content, and use educational apps to augment in-classroom
learning. Within this private learning environment that is managed by the
teacher, students can only interact with others in the class. Edmodo
provides a safe and easy way to connect and support learning beyond the
classroom. All of the homework assignments will be available through Edmodo
and can also be turned in via Edmodo. This helps students who are absent as
well as provide practice with technology. Further information about Edmodo
will be forthcoming before students are formally enrolled.
SIXTH GRADE CAMPOUT: This annual overnight event happens at the end
of the school year. I consider the campout a once in a lifetime opportunity
for our students. We take the Skunk Train to the Boys and Girls camp and
students participate in wonderful outdoor activities. The trip can not happen
without fundraising. If you would like to be a part of the fundraising
committee please contact me.
I look forward to this school year,
I have read the Science Syllabus ________________________________
The following information is not required, but it would be really helpful
Students name:____________________________________
Parents name:_____________________________________
Email address: ____________________________________
When is the best time to reach you? ___________________
What is the best way to communicate, phone or email?______________
Do you have internet access at home? Circle
What are your child's best quality/strengths? (specifically in academics but
feel free to add information about other areas if you wish) I have access to
data to answer this question, but I fully acknowledge that you know your
child better than anyone, or any test score 
What are his or her challenges/weaknesses (again specifically academics)?
What kind of reading experiences does your child get at home?
What does your child do in his/her spare time?
Do you have any special concerns or suggestions in working with your child?
Do you have any areas of expertise/hobbies that you would be willing to
share with the class either by lecture or classroom activity?
What is your general availability to participate in school activities/events/or
as a classroom volunteer? _____________________________________
How would you explain your child’s school experience so far?
How could it have been better?
Due to a limited amount of textbooks I am offering options. By indicating
one the options below as your preference I will assume you DO NOT require
a hardcover textbook.
There is an online version of the textbook. Could your student use that as
their textbook at home this year? Yes _________ No______________
The textbook is also available on CD-ROM. Could your student use that as
their textbook at home this year? Please choose only one option (online or
CD-ROM) Yes_______________ No_____________________