Class Syllabus - Chowchilla School District

Wilson Middle School
Mrs. Carr
[email protected]
8th Grade Science
Dear Parent/Guardian and Student,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to the science department at Wilson Middle
School. We are going to have a fantastic year! Please read through the following information regarding
classroom procedures, grading policies, and weekly schedules. Using email messages is usually the best way
to contact me with any concerns, comments, or questions.
Working together as a team, we can ensure this will be a successful year both academically and socially as
your child develops the skills to make good decisions, to think critically, to organize, and to comprehend
difficult concepts.
Seventh grade science will focus on four units this year, approximately one per quarter.
These units will cover the following areas: The Dynamic Earth, Organisms and Ecosystems, Properties of
Matter and Chemical Reactions, and Particulate Nature of Matter.
Eighth grade science will be focusing on four units this year, approximately one per quarter.
These units will cover the following areas: The Cosmos, Forces and Energy, Energy in Waves, and The
Mechanisms of Diversity.
Each day the students will need the following suggested supplies:
๏ composition notebook
๏ pencils
๏ colored pencils
๏ lined paper
After reading this letter, please write and sign your names at the bottom and add contact information. This
letter will be placed in the Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) your child will be building this year.
๏ Grade printouts will be handed out every other week on Wednesdays.
๏ All late work is accepted at my discretion with a maximum value of 50% of the points possible.
๏ Tests can be retaken once for a maximum improved score of 70%.
๏ All homework is due the next day unless stated otherwise.
๏ Assignments in our class are weighted as follows:
Homework – 20%
Classwork, Interactive Notebook and Participation 40%
Quizzes – 10 %
Tests – 30%
๏ The grading scale in our class is:
100 – 90 ……….A
89 – 80 ……….B
79 – 70 ……….C
69 – 60 ……….D
59 – 0 ……….F
STUDENT NAME: _________________________________________________________________________________
STUDENT SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________________________________________
PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME: ________________________________________________________________________
PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________________________________
Parent Email _____________________________________________ Phone Number ____________________________