school day powerpoint

Miss Stanley – 7th Life Science
My Website
Make sure to bookmark my website. You will find
everything there: link to textbook, handout links,
lessons, practice quizzes,
videos, etc.
Student’s Grading Notebook
The 3 ring notebook required for my class is
used to put all assessments that are graded. I
call it grading notebook. It will be kept in my
room on the bookcases. Each class has their
own shelf. You may have your child take it
home any time you want to see his/her graded
assessments – just make sure he/she brings it
back the next day. Your child should bring it
home to study the quizzes for the test. My
test questions come off of my quizzes.
Student’s ebook
(if you have a username and password)
To Log In:
1. Go to
ConnectED displays the Login screen.
2. Enter your Username and Password and click Login.
ConnectED displays yours Books and Content.
3. Click Add at the upper right.
ConnectED displays the Add Book dialogue box.
4. Enter your Redemption Code (RD6K-VQ5R-QVVO
or 8HL8-2L25-9VBQ) and click Add.
Student’s ebook
(to create a new student account)
1. Go to
ConnectED displays the Login screen.
2. Click Create a New Account at the lower left.
ConnectED displays the Create a New Account dialogue box.
3. In the Students box, enter your Redemption Code (RD6KVQ5R-QVVO or 8HL8-2L25-9VBQ) and click Register at the
lower right.
ConnectED displays the New Student Registration dialogue
4. Complete the New Student Registration dialogue box and
click Finish at the lower right.
My Edmodo
Edmodo is secure social learning network for
teachers and students.
Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach
out to one another and connect by sharing ideas,
problems, and helpful tips.
Students/parents can sign
up for my Edmodo using
this code (hfi5n2) or
join if they have an
existing account.
My Remind (used to be remind101)
Remind is a free, safe, and easy way
for teachers to connect instantly with
students and parents.
To receive messages via text,
@bc304 to (404) 620-6495.
You can opt-out of messages at
anytime by replying,
'unsubscribe @bc304'.
We use a lot of technology in my class. Even the
textbook with all the extra helps it has is an ebook that
is online:
If you have a tablet you will need a flash browser.
iPads do not come with one. I use photon which costs
$4.99. Puffin is $2.99.
Students often need to use ear buds in my class.
Help Class
My help class is on Tuesdays from 7:00
to 7:40 AM. A student who needs Help
Class must let me know in advance
that he/she plans to attend and must
have specific questions or areas in
which he/she is struggling or needs
additional explanation in order to make
best use of the time.
Contact information
• Middle school office number: 678818-1034
• My school email:
[email protected]
• My home email:
[email protected]
• It is best to email at both email!
Science Club
Applications are now being accepted for membership in
ELCA’s Middle School Science Club! All students in grades 6th
– 8th are able to join.
Science club activities include areas of dissection
There is $50 a non-refundable membership fee to cover the
cost of materials. This fee can be billed to your ELCA account.
Interested students should get an application from one of the
middle school science teachers.
It is on a first come basis once we have 26 students the club is
The first science club meeting is scheduled for: .
Let’s Have a Great Year
honoring and glorifying God
through Life Science!