a memo regarding homework



Please read and adopt the following procedures for each homework assignment turned in. I will be grading your pencil and paper homework based on the procedures below (not just on the number of problems with correct answers) so you need to understand and follow them closely. Following these guidelines will help make your homework assignments beneficial learning experiences.

If you chooses to complete your homework online, most of these submission guidelines will not be necessary since the computer software will keep automatic track of your homework submissions and results.

 Write your name and the date on the top of each section and start each section with a new  sheet of paper. Label each section. EXAMPLE: Section 11.2 OR Chapter 2 Review  Put the assignment at the beginning of each section: EXAMPLE: page 419: 1 – 69 odds, 47, 53  Copy down the problems as they are presented in the book. It is not necessary to copy down word problems. This will help when studying your homework for the test. It is not very beneficial to look at just a list of answers.

If you choose to complete your homework assignments online, you should still write down each problem and keep your work to use as a study aide.

 Show all work neatly with each problem (not just a list of answers). You will not receive credit if your work is not shown with your answers. In most cases, the final answer is only one part of the solution – I will look at the procedure you used to arrive at your answer.  Make an earnest attempt at each problem. You will be surprised what comes to you once you take the first step! Do not expect to be able to complete every problem on your first attempt. You learn when you struggle with the material. Remember to ask your classmates and teacher for help.  Make sure your homework is in order and stapled before you bring it to class to be handed in. Homework will not be accepted unless it is organized and stapled.  Homework can and should be checked with the back of the book. You should make a note of any incorrect answers and seek assistance from the Success Center, your fellow students or your teacher.  Each homework set will be due on the day of each exam. Each set will be worth 20 points. 5 points will automatically be deducted for every day the homework assignment is late (no exceptions).

If you choose to complete your homework assignments online using CourseCompass, the same due dates and points system will apply.