ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET - School of the Arts & Media

School of the Arts and Media
LODGEMENT – All assignments must be lodged in the ASSIGNMENT BOX outside the School Office on level 3 of
the Webster Building by 4.00 pm on the due date. This cover sheet should be securely stapled/attached to the front
of your assignment. The School is not responsible for any missing pages due to assignments not being securely
Student Name:
Student Number:
Course Number:
Word Count:
Course Name:
Tutorial Day & Time:
Date Received:
Date Due:
(office use only)
Student Declaration:
In preparing this assessment task I have followed the Student Code of Conduct. I certify that I have read and understand the
University requirements in respect of student academic misconduct outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Annexure 1
of the Student Misconduct Procedures ( I
declare that this assessment item is my own work, except where acknowledged, and has not been submitted for academic
credit previously in whole or in part.
I acknowledge that the assessor of this item may, for assessment purposes,
• provide a copy to another staff member of the University
• communicate a copy of this assessment item to a plagiarism checking service (such as Turnitin) which may then
retain a copy of the assessment item on its database for the purpose of future plagiarism checking
I have retained a copy of this, my assignment, which I can provide if necessary. By signing this declaration I am agreeing to
the statements and conditions above.
Signed: ………………………………………….………..
If your assignment is submitted after the due date, a penalty of 3% per day (incl. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) will
be imposed for up to 2 weeks. Late work will not be accepted once the marked assignments have been returned or after 2
weeks past the due date, whichever is earliest, unless an extension has been granted.
In case of illness or misadventure you may apply to the Course Convenor for an extension of the due date. This may be done
via email, or by submitting an Application for Extension Form (yellow form) which is available from the School office.
Applications for extension must be submitted to the Course Convenor prior to the due date, and where an extension is
requested on medical grounds, the application must be accompanied by a medical certificate. Permission for late submission
on other grounds is subject to Special Consideration being granted. Information on how to apply for Special Consideration
may be accessed at: