Collaboration Assignments French I

Collaboration Assignments
French II
• You will need to submit one collaboration assignment per
segment but you will have five opportunities to choose an
assignment on which you work.
• You will need to work with someone in your FLVS French course
for your collaboration assignment.
• You will need to submit both the questions and answers of both
partners as well as the complete collaboration assessment
• To find a partner you will use the Discussion Groups link and
post that you are looking for a partner for a specific
collaboration assignment choice or look for someone who has
recently posted looking for a partner for that same collaboration
Collaboration Assignments
French II (continued)
For all 5 collaboration assignment
options you will see the same
instructions. You will see one button
for the Collaboration Assignment
instructions and one for the full
Collaboration Assessment Guide.
Your first choice for a collaboration
assignment will be found on the
assignment page after lesson 02.03. You
will see collaboration assignment option
1. You can choose to work on this
assignment or move on and choose one
of the 4 later options (found at the end of
lessons 03.05, 04.01, 04.02, and 05.04).
If you choose one of the other 4
options (03.05, 04.01, 04.02, and
05.04), you will still see the same
two links but instead of the first link
being called “option one” they will
of course be “option two, option
three, etc.”
Collaboration Assignments
French II (continued)
No matter which assignment option you choose you will
submit your collaboration assignment in the 02.03
Collaboration Assignment submission areas. **Notice
that there are two links for this. Please submit your
responses to the Assessment Guide in the link titled
“02.03 Collaboration Assessment Guide” and your
questions and answers with your partner in the one
called “02.03 Collaboration Assignment Option One.”
Don’t forget to submit all parts to the
collaboration assignment: each
partner’s questions and answers in one
area and the proof of collaboration,
the peer and self-reflection, and 5
sentence description of what was done
to complete the assignment) in the
other 02.03 submission area.
**You will submit in the 02.03 areas of
your assessment list no matter which
collaboration assignment option you
Please be sure when
looking for the
Assessment Guide that
you click on the link and
allow the pop-up!
Collaboration Assignments
French II(continued)
To find a partner you will
use the ‘Discussion
Groups’ link in your main
course menu.
In the Discussion
Groups tab you
will see a place to
post or look for
another student’s
posting to help
you find a
partner. You will
find a separate
link for each
Please use this
method to find a
partner for your