Orientation: Computer lab protocol as per the LCJVS guidelines

Practical Computer Applications
Course Goal: To help the student become more proficient in the use of the computer and various software programs,
create professional looking documents and reports, record keeping and looking up information. * ½ credit course upon
 To coordinate with current program curriculum
 Refine skills in Microsoft Office , Internet , Photos
 To complete any related subject work or projects as assigned by the Instructors
 Pass Safety/Sanitation tests for certificate
 To create/ polish work for the JVS portfolio
 To be updated on current events and world news
 To be prepared to use technology for single living skills
Orientation: Computer lab protocol as per the LCJVS guidelines
Assignments found on my website at lcjvs.com
Grading Policy:
As per LCJVS handbook guidelines, daily attendance points, current events bell work & assignment completion
All assignments will be kept in class folder.
Discipline: As per the LCJVS and Tech lab guidelines
 All students must be in uniform and have a student ID to use computers
 No student that disrespects the learning of another will remain in the computer lab
 No food or drink near computers
 All personal items placed on floor underneath work area
Syllabus: (* may be subject to some modification)
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