Instructor: Jane Wehmeyer - Mr. Cubellis`s Classroom

Algebra I Syllabus
Instructor: Bob Cubellis
Text: Glencoe Algebra I
Conference Period: 1st hour
Class Expectations:
Students are expected to follow classroom rules at all times.
Academically, it is required that students complete their homework
in a timely manner, prepare for assessments, and participate in
classroom activities.
Learner Objectives:
Read mathematical problems actively and critically.
Write effective solutions to problems and projects
Present solutions to problems effectively
Use a variety of appropriate resources including the
computer and calculator to solve mathematical problems
Employ multiple critical and creative thinking strategies in
reasoning and problem solving
Demonstrate a knowledge and appreciation of how
mathematics can be used outside the mathematics
And meet all of the course objectives listed below
Topics Include:
 Connecting with Algebra
 Using Real Numbers
 Balancing Equations
 Graphing to find slope
 Writing linear equations
 Solving and graphing linear inequalities
 Systems of linear equations and inequalities
 Rules of exponents
 Polynomials and Factoring
 Solving quadratic equations and functions
 Radicals and Geometry
Grade weights: Chapter tests/quizzes
Quarter tests
Final exams are comprehensive and are given at the end of each semester.
Attendance and Makeup Work:
Class attendance is mandatory for you to master math. If you are gone
due to school functions, your work is due the next day, no exceptions. If you
have an excused absence, you have two days to make up your work. All tests and
quizzes are to be made up within 2 days either before or after school. This is your
responsibility to schedule.
Homework will be collected on a daily basis. No late work will be
accepted at all! No work will be accepted in pen.
All students are required to have a notebook or folder, which consists of:
 Two pockets with brads in the center.
 All notes will be in the center section.
 One pocket will contain assignments, the other quizzes and exams.
 Collected at the end of each quarter for a TEST GRADE.
Calculator Contract:
There are enough calculators for each student to use within the classroom. You
will be assigned your own calculator at the beginning of the year, to be shared
with other classes. No calculators shall be taken home. It is highly
recommended that you obtain your own scientific calculator.
All Algebra I students are required to take the End of Course Exam ( EOC).
This will be the final exam for the year. It is 20% of your grade.
Helpful Hint:
Don’t get behind! If at any point you feel like you are slipping behind,
please let me know. If you get too far behind, it will be difficult to catch up. At
this level of mathematics you are already aware of the study time needed. It will
be to your benefit to complete homework as a group and study for tests as a
group. The key to success is to pay attention, do all assigned work, use class time
wisely, ask questions, and most of all ask for help!
I’m looking forward to a great year!