Name Respiratory System (Ch. 7) Exercise Medical Terminology 1

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Respiratory System (Ch. 7) Exercise
Medical Terminology
1. List in sequence all the structures/regions a breath of air would pass through or by
during inhalation, from the nasal cavity to an alveolus. Be very detailed: for example,
don’t just list “larynx”, list the epiglottis, glottis, & thyroid cartilage. Arrows and a flow
chart are a good way to organize this.
2. What is the difference between:
a. tracheostomy & tracheotomy –
b. bronchiectasis & atelectasis –
c. emphysema & empyema -
d. pneumonia & pneumonitis –
e. thoracentesis & thoracostomy –
3. Give two roots/words that mean:
a. windpipe –
f. breath –
b. chest -
g. breathing in –
c. nose –
h. breathing out –
d. lung –
i. throat –
e. nosebleed –
j. carbon dioxide –
4. State the machine used in pulmonary function testing and 3 measures of lung
function that it typically records.
5. State the medical term for the underlined phrases in these chart notes.
Current complaint: 43-year-old female with painful and labored breathing, rapid
breathing, and fever. Symptoms began 3 days ago, but have
worsened during the past 12 hours.
Signs & symptoms: T 103o F, R 25, BP 165/98, P 90. A blood test to measure levels
of oxygen in the blood indicates a marked low level of oxygen in
the blood. The process of listening to body sounds of the lungs
revealed abnormal crackling sounds over the L lower chest. She
is producing large amounts of pus-filled mucus coughed up from
the respiratory tract and a CXR shows a large cloudy patch in
the lower lobe of the left lung.
Dx: Left lower lobe inflammatory condition of the lungs caused by bacterial infection.
Tx: Patient was started on IV antibiotics. She also required a tube placed through the
mouth to create an airway for 3 days.
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