Intermediate 1 Biology

National 4 Science
Human Health
What is Health and Technology?
What are the three factors that make up the health
List three things that lead to a healthy lifestyle.
What would you use a digital sphygmomanometer
Is a pulsometer high-tech or low-tech?
What are the advantages of high-tech devices?
List three unnecessary health risks.
Heart, Blood and circulation
What is the heart used for?
What makes up the circulatory system?
How many chambers make up the heart?
10. What separates the chambers?
11. What do the things that separate the chambers do?
12. Name the three types of blood vessels.
Heart, Blood and circulation cont’d
13. Why is it important that the capillaries have thin
14. Why is it important that arteries have thick walls?
15. What is pulse?
17. What effect does exercise have on pulse rate?
18. What does a short recovery time indicate?
19. How can recovery time be improved?
Heart, Blood and circulation cont’d
20. What is blood pressure?
21. What is the low-tech method used to measure
blood pressure?
22. What effect can high blood pressure have on the
23. What is low blood pressure an indicator of?
24. What is the blood composed of?
25. What does a low red blood cell count indicate?
Heart, Blood and circulation cont’d
26. What does the body do when a virus attacks it?
27. Write down 2 viral infections.
28. What do red blood cells transport?
29. What is anaemia?
30. What are the 4 blood groups?
Breathing and lungs
31. What does air pass through to get to the lungs?
32. What is meant by breathing rate?
33. What affects how much you breathe?
34. What is vital capacity and how can it be measured?
35. What is tidal volume and how is it measured?
36. What is peak flow and how is it measured?
37. What are 2 diseases that can affect breathing rates?
Breathing and lungs
38. What illness can a peak flow meter help diagnose?
39. What are 3 harmful substances in tobacco smoke?
40. What diseases are you more likely to get if you smoke?