Human Body Quest: Respiratory System

Human Body Quest: Respiratory
By: Jada
Respiratory System
 Breathing moves chest to bring air into and remove wastes
from the lungs.
 Cellular respiration uses oxygen to release energy from
 To move fresh air into gases.
How your body works with other
systems in the body !
The Musculoskeletonal System is the combination of the
Muscular System and Skeletal System. Both work in
conjunction with the Nervous System, which includes the
Brain, Spinal Nerves, and Peripheral. The brain a spine send
signals to the muscles move, but without the skeleton our
bodies would act like jello.
Four Fun Facts !
 1.Your lungs inhale and exhale about 500ml of air with an
average breath.
 2. When you do streraus activities like sports, your breathing
can increase to 2,000ml of air per breath.
 3. Move than 85% of all lung cancer is related to smoking.
Breathing Process!
Breathing is the movement of the chest that brings air into the
lungs and removes waste gases. The air entering the lungs
contains oxygen. It passes from the lungs from the lungs into
the circulatory system because there is less oxygen in the
blood when it enters the lungs than in cells if the lungs.
The End !