October 26, 2012



Institutional Strategic Planning Council (ISPC)

Minutes – Friday, October 26, 2012

205 Welch


Colin Blakely, Jim Carroll, Ted Coutilish, Mike Fox, Tara Lynn Fulton, Ellen Gold, Walter

Kraft, John Lumm, Sue Martin, Bin Ning, Matthew Norfleet, Anita Schnars


James Gallaher, Matthew Evett, Murali Nair, Matthew Norfleet


Raouf Hanna

Meeting called to order: 9:06 am

Agenda Items/Key Points

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Discussion and Actions

Raouf advised that this meeting would be focused on reviewing and accepting the Mission and Vision as well as determining Values. A document was provided by Raouf with suggested Values and it was determined through group discussion that between 4 and 6 values would be appropriate.

There was much discussion from the group after reviewing these Values but agreed to move to reviewing the Mission statement and come back to the Values later in the meeting.

The group moved to reviewing the draft of the Mission statement at 9:24 am. Overall, the group liked the draft, additional discussion continued with positive points about the statement. Raouf called for a motion to accept the Mission Statement as follows:

EMU enriches lives in a supportive intellectually dynamic and diverse community. Our dedicated faculty balance teaching and research to prepare students with relevant skills and real world awareness. We are an institution of opportunity where students learn in and beyond the classroom to benefit the local and global communities.

Passed Unanimously.

The group moved to reviewing the draft of the Vision statement at 9:30 am. There was much discussion regarding the draft. Discussion was focused on some particular words as well as the format of the Vision statement – sentences or bullets. The group contributed and agreed to a final version.

After the statement was read several times by Walter Kraft and the group was in agreement with the content and format, Raouf called for a motion to accept the Vision Statement as follows:

Eastern Michigan University will be a premier public university recognized for student-centered learning, high quality academic programs and community impact.

Passed unanimously.


The group moved to Values at 10:03 am. As indicated earlier in the meeting, it was suggested that the Values be formulated into 5 meaningful areas. There was additional discussion with regard to what Values represent EMU. After much discussion, the group determined 5 Values:






The Values work group will meet to add further definition to these Values, prior to the next full ISPC meeting.

A Strategic Directions document was provided to the group for review prior to the next meeting. It was suggested that the committee members review this document and capture thoughts about their individual departments/areas

Casey advised that a scheduling poll for the November meeting would be forthcoming as well as a reminder to the group that Deloitte would be on campus Monday, October 29 th

to provide an overview of the Market Analysis document. This presentation would take place in the Student

Center, room 330 at 3:30 pm.

Next Meeting/Adjournment

TBD – Mid November

Meeting adjourned – 10:31 am

Respectfully submitted,

Casey Wooster