Institutional Strategic Planning Council (ISPC) Minutes – Thursday, September 29, 2011

Institutional Strategic Planning Council (ISPC)
Minutes – Thursday, September 29, 2011
205 Welch Hall
Attendees: Colin Blakely, James Carroll, Theodore Coutilish, Matthew Evett, Michael Fox, Tara Lynn
Fulton, Ellen Gold, Derrick Gragg, Raouf Hanna, Walter Kraft, Bernice Lindke, John Lumm, Susan
Martin, Bin Ning, Carl Powell, Melody Reifel-Werner
Guest: Anita Schnars
Agenda Items/Key Points
• Approval of Agenda
• Approval of Meeting Minutes – August 16, 2011
• Subcommittees Update
• Review of Draft Web page for EMU-SP
• Review EMU units’ SP Matrix (updated)
Subcommittees Update: Input/Discussion
• Data Collection and Reporting
 Met and looked at samples of surveys
 Distributed survey samples
 Different questions for internal and external constituents
 Open to suggestions/additional questions for surveys
• Communication, Marketing and Web Site
 Reviewed web site and possible links
 Team Members - Rosters/Committees, and Timeline will be added to web site
 Continue to work on and determine the Text for the Plan
 Web site needs to be completed before communication is distributed
 Introductory message (campus e-mail from President Martin/Raouf Hanna)
 FAQs should be one page
 Create a master list of all meetings and schedules
 Develop an “elevator speech” as to the process/objectives
 Interviews will be with some of our external people
 A brief video is important
 Materials must articulate process and expected outcomes, and how utilized
 Consider a Strategic Plan name, “Vision 2020” or whatever
 Should include a feedback box on web site
• Students, Parents and School
 Met a couple of weeks ago regarding surveys
 Discussed other constituents, i.e., schools, etc.
 Important to survey students, online
 Focus grouping online to reach out to various populations
 Multiple focus groups, and outreach to those interested in surveys
• Regents and Area Businesses
 Target individuals, i.e., Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce
 Discussion as to how and when to best engage the Board
 Regents should complete survey
 Long term, include and involve Regents in other activities
• Staff
1  Met several times to come up with questions more strategic in nature
 Pilot survey with staff using the internal instrument (samples given)
 Possibly develop another survey later on
 Focus Groups, would like to have a broader audience
• Faculty, Academic Programming
 Faculty is a very large component and a different clientele
 What would be of interest to faculty
 Consider what level of faculty would be involved
 How do you select people and get their interest to participate
 Make an open call for volunteers
 Priorities are important
 A process needs to be in place
 Conduct a Faculty Forum to start the process
 Presentation important, clear communication and timing
 Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis should be communicated
 Questions to consider, what programs should be offered
 It would be helpful to have linking questions
 Draft questions for review to prevent duplication
 Letter should accompany the survey
• Alumni
 Focus on alumni engaged in the University
 Survey could be online or by telephone
 Consider questions, i.e., How did EMU prepare you after graduation?
 External survey geared toward business and community members, different than Alumni
 Will need to change the wording on a couple of questions
 Open questions, use key words, always have a theme, and ask about opportunity
 How many people to target and responses expected, 500 out of 4,000 is good
A. Data Collection and Reporting
Mike Fox, Raouf Hanna, Bin Ning, Carl Powell, Anita Schnars
B. Communication, Marketing, and Web Site
Theodore Coutilish, James Gallaher, Walter Kraft
C. Students, Parents, and School
Ellen Gold, Bernice Lindke, Jelani McGadney, Melody Reifel Werner
D. Regents and Area Businesses
Raouf Hanna, John Lumm, Sue Martin
E. Staff
James Gallaher, Raouf Hanna, Anita Schnars
F. Faculty, Academic Programming
James Carroll, Matthew Evett, Tara Lynn Fulton, Murali Nair
G. Alumni
Colin Blakely, Derrick Gragg
Next Steps
• Proceed to Survey Stakeholders
• Update External Scan: Latest Development in STEEP
(Social, Technology, Education, Economics, and Political)
• Effect of New Development on Future Opportunities
 Should go with Student Voice for survey
2 
Will contact Student Voice
Cover letter will come from Student Voice
Announcement and web site updates should come before the survey
Will need input and time to review letter and web site
- Additional questions to Anita by October 7
- Survey should be out by November 1, 2011
Next Meeting/Adjournment
• Third week of October, notice forthcoming
• Meeting adjourned – 10:50 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Ann Rentfrow