Institutional Strategic Planning Council (ISPC) Minutes – Monday, May 2, 2011

Institutional Strategic Planning Council (ISPC)
Minutes – Monday, May 2, 2011
205 Welch Hall
Attendees: Colin Blakely, Byron Bond, Theodore Coutilish, Matthew Evett, Tara Lynn Fulton, Michael
Fox, James Gallaher, Ellen Gold, Derrick Gragg, Raouf Hanna, Walter Kraft, John Lumm, Susan Martin,
Murali Nair, Bin Ning, Carl Powell
1. Approval of April 18, 2011 Minutes
Quick Update on Micro Strategic Planning Efforts
Information Technology – Carl Powell
• Recommended changes to this section
2. Approval of May 2, 2001 Agenda
3. Review of Two Documents Distributed
a. Vision and Strategic Directions
• How much can we accomplish over Spring/Summer semester
• Include faculty and student involvement
• Look at different plans of what the Divisions and Colleges have done
• Academic Affairs has a faculty representative at each College
• Consider a meeting with these representatives and ISPC
• Review our Peer Institutions
• Bin Ning prepared a “Proposal to Identify a Series of Peer Institutions” for the Provost
• Proposal will be forwarded to ISPC members
• Review Systems Portfolio, and what has been done in the past (do not start from scratch)
b. Guiding Principles Primer (EMU Philosophies “Primer”)
• Think about who we are and what we are doing
• Consider why EMU is unique
• Where should EMU be 10 years from now
• Develop a time table, data collection, etc. over the summer
• Develop a structure, so come fall we can advise Campus as to “what’s going on”
• Develop a Communications Plan
• Action Plans: Vision, Mission, Strategic Directions, Goals and Objectives
Next Meeting
• Date/Time – To Be Determined
• Review documents prior to next meeting
• Allow 2 hours for discussion
Meeting adjourned – 11:15 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Ann Rentfrow