Institutional Strategic Planning Council (ISPC) 205 Welch Hall

Institutional Strategic Planning Council (ISPC)
Minutes – Friday, October 21, 2011: 3:30 p.m.
205 Welch Hall
Attendees: Colin Blakely, Theodore Coutilish, Matthew Evett, Tara Lynn Fulton, James Gallaher, Ellen
Gold, Derrick Gragg, Raouf Hanna, Walter Kraft, Bernice Lindke, John Lumm, Susan Martin, Murali
Facilitator: Anita Schnars
Agenda Items/Key Points
• Approval of Agenda
• Approval of Meeting Minutes – September 29, 2011
• Review Update Project Gantt Chart (Anita)
 Review of work done
 Where we are going
• Review Survey Plan Methods (Anita/Ellen)
• Review subgroup Critical Information Matrix (Bin/Raouf/President Martin)
Critical Information Data will be reviewed at our next meeting
 Concerned with survey questions, final draft will be forthcoming
 Possibly two surveys; one for Mission and Vision, the other for the recommended questions
 Two separate letters have been created from the president to accompany the surveys
 Explore Student voice for possible e-mail to come from us; Student Voice linkage
 Student Voice may have recommendations as they deal with a lot of surveys
 Give people a two-week window to respond
 Anita will meet with Ellen to set up this project with Student Voice
 Student Voice will be ready within 48 hours
 E-mail addresses will come from Bin Ning and should be ready next week Friday
Subcommittees Update: Input/Discussion
• Data Collection and Reporting
 Obtain and analyze data, look for possible themes
 Start looking at preliminary analysis as to how we can share the process and helpful
 Review the Peer Institutions
Communication, Marketing and Web Site
 Web site has been created
 Improve background on communication for internal/external surveys
 Create a power point presentation
 Letter has been drafted, from the president, with the web site link
 Anita will need feedback on the letter and final comments on the survey by next week
Students, Parents and School
 Have focus groups and open forums
Regents and Area Businesses
1  Recommend survey go to everyone, not a select group
 Send and share communication, presenting the process, to staff and leadership
Faculty, Academic Programming
 Matt Evett will notify faculty of what’s coming ahead
 Faculty may not do an additional survey
A. Data Collection and Reporting
Mike Fox, Raouf Hanna, Bin Ning, Carl Powell, Anita Schnars
B. Communication, Marketing, and Web Site
Theodore Coutilish, James Gallaher, Walter Kraft
C. Students, Parents, and School
Ellen Gold, Bernice Lindke, Jelani McGadney, Melody Reifel Werner
D. Regents and Area Businesses
Raouf Hanna, John Lumm, Sue Martin
E. Staff
James Gallaher, Raouf Hanna, Anita Schnars
F. Faculty, Academic Programming
James Carroll, Matthew Evett, Tara Lynn Fulton, Murali Nair
G. Alumni
Colin Blakely, Derrick Gragg
• Focus on Market Analysis Component
Next Steps
• Letter/e-mail from President Martin will go out November 1, 2011
Introduction of University Strategic Plan and Process
• Survey will go out November 2, 2011
Next Meeting/Adjournment
• November meeting announcement, forthcoming
• Meeting adjourned – 4:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Ann Rentfrow