Principles of Managerial Finance

Principles of Managerial Finance
FIN 340 JA
Fall 2015
Bill Blackerby
[email protected]
Course Description
Managerial Finance develops students as active financial analysts, planners
and decision-makers at the operating and strategy levels. Applying their
Accounting and Economics knowledge, students address financial analysis,
capital budgeting, long term financing and working capital management—all
with the aim of maximizing resource efficiency and effectiveness.
This course considers the financial consequences of marketing and
management decisions, and emphasizes increased market globalization and
online information access.
Students are strongly urged to take Macroeconomics before or with FIN 340.
Course Prerequisites
Accounting Principles II and Introductory Statistics
M: Finance, 3rd Edition, by Cornett, Adair and Nofsinger (McGraw-Hill, 2014)
ISBN: 978-0-07-786177-3. Our text is in both print and electronic forms.
Our classroom provides notebooks to access any online text.
Required Materials
Every class, bring a financial calculator. The Texas Instrument BA II is
affordable and capable. Also, TI-83, Inspire and their cousins work. Contact
me before buying anything expensive. Along with Word and Excel, you need
reliable internet access. Please tell me now if you lack these resources.
Let’s test any phone app financial calculator before selecting that tool.
Course Objectives
You will
1. Analyze and evaluate a firm’s finances—from internal, industry
and market perspectives.
2. Develop your financial decision making skills—both business and
personal finances.
3. Consider financial management plans, policies and practices in
light of ethics and integrity, as well as value creation.
4. Communicate, effectively, in the language of finance.
Course Elements, Methods and Design
E-College: visit and rely on your E-College study
guides to make the most of your learning time and effort. Not all material is
of equal value. Rather than randomly generate test and quiz questions or
problems, I use E-College study guides to personally write your questions,
problems and take home essays
Text: was specifically selected for this compressed, 8 week, course format.
Exams and Quizzes: are closed book with unlabeled formula menus
provided. True-false, multiple choice and matching term questions come
directly from your text. The problems are similar to those worked in class.
At least 24 hours before class, tell me which key terms, techniques and
concepts are particularly interesting or cause confusion or concern. I
welcome your feedback.
Work your problems before class and practice them again before exams or
quizzes. You will only see short essay questions or problems on your exam
that we discussed or solved earlier in class.
Group Bonus: together, you and I will select an interesting corporation for
your semester. You will construct a portfolio from these stocks. The better
your portfolio performs, the more bonus points you earn.
Business Administration Program Outcomes
a. Communication—ability to express ideas in writing, verbally and
b. Creativity—ability to develop original ideas or use common
solutions in uncommon ways
c. Analytical ability—effectively separate a complex problem or
situation into its component parts in order to identify solutions
d. Integrative thinking—ability to detect interrelationships among
components and assess their importance in creating solutions
e. Ethical integration—ability to examine decisions in light of ethical
and corporate social responsibility principles as well as their
effects on stakeholders worldwide
Managerial Finance focuses on communication, analytical ability and ethical
integration. Your short essay “take home” responses will reflect your degree
of outcome or learning skill mastery.
Course Grading
Midsemester Exam
Final Exam
Best Exam
Portfolio Bonus
100 points
A= 91%
B= 81%
C= 71%
D= 61%
Academic Accommodations
If you need an accommodation based upon your disability, please contact
me right away for an appointment. Together, we can discuss the course
format, anticipate your needs and explore possible accommodations.
I rely on the Office for Students with Disabilities to verify your need and
developing accommodations. If you have not registered with this office, do
so now. Just a reminder, accommodation requests are not retroactive.
The mission of Siena Heights University, a Catholic University
founded and sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters, is to assist
people to become more competent, purposeful, and ethical through a
teaching and learning environment which respects the dignity of all.
Course Rules
Initiative--Contact me as soon as you experience any problems. Email
combined with phone works well. Meetings are even better. The remaining
rules are designed to make yours a fair learning experience and to prevent
you from falling behind this semester.
Best Exam—Take both exams on time and your best grade counts twice.
Make-up Exam—Contact me within 24 hours of any missed exam. With
valid reason we can schedule a make-up test. Make-ups:
o may vary from the original
o will not be curved
o nullify double counting of your best exam grade
If you miss the scheduled final, you will receive an incomplete grade for the
semester and your make up will take place in early January.
Quizzes— a missed quiz is a zero grade. However, you have one quiz grade
to drop without affecting your overall grade.
Any take home assignment, exam or quiz, is due by 6 pm that Tuesday
Professionalism—Do your best to arrive on time and prepared, also stay
until our class ends. You will be treated as mature adults and aspiring
professionals. I promise.
Cheating—Unfair use of another’s work earns you a zero grade on the first
offense and course failure for a second offense. I am asked to report all
cheating to the Academic Dean as well.