AP Statistics Intro Letter 2015-2016

Welcome to AP Statistics!
Mr. Noone: nooneni@clearviewregional.edu
What is this course all about?
Course description: This rigorous college-level course provides an in-depth study of statistics for highly motivated
students. Students are introduced to the major concepts and tools used for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions
from data. This course is recommended for students with an interest in pursuing a career that utilizes the analysis of data.
Students are encouraged to take the AP Exam in May, giving them the opportunity to earn college credit. A graphing
calculator (TI-84) is used regularly in this course.
What do you need to be prepared for class?
- Binder or notebook/folder, textbook, writing utensil (ALL assessments will be completed in pencil),
calculator (TI-83 or 83+ recommended), your completed homework from the previous night, and a
good attitude. Be prepared to learn and work hard!
What if you need help?
- I am usually available for extra help before or after school. Give me a heads up that you are
looking for help, and we will find a time to meet!
- If confused, get help right away… Don’t wait until the day before a test or quiz!
What if you miss a class?
- Immediately check the class calendar (on the wall) to see what you missed (notes, homework
problems, handouts, etc.)
- You will have one day per day that you were absent to turn in make-up work.
- Tests/Quizzes must be made up before/after school or during a study hall (NOT during our class)…
If you miss a test on Tuesday, find me on Wednesday and make it up!
- I will NOT track you down for make-up work. This is YOUR responsibility.
How will you be graded?
- Homework: 10% - Homework for each unit will be checked during each quiz or test. All work must
be shown for credit!
- Quizzes: 30% - We will have a quiz for almost every chapter. Quizzes may or may not be
announced, but will not be given without reviewing homework.
- Tests/Major Projects: 60%
What are the classroom rules?
- Be on time (6 lates = WHITE CARD)
- Be prepared
- Be respectful (…to yourself AND others. Practice Accountable Talk.)
What is Accountable Talk?
- UNDERSTANDING is always the goal.
- One person speaks at a time.
- Everyone is always expected to try his or her very best to completely understand what is being said.
- Everyone is always expected to provide evidence or logic to support his or her statements.
- Everyone is expected to learn to take responsibility for his or her own education, and for
contributing positively to the group experience.
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