March-June 2014 Training Schedule

All Staff
Ann Kline, Quality Assurance Director
February 18, 2014
March 2014-June 2014 Training Schedule
Throughout the months of March-June, complete the trainings below at:
Trainings and quizzes should be completed during downtime and should not interfere with
programming and supervision of participants.
A certificate will be placed in your personnel file after you successfully complete the quiz associated
with each training; quizzes are not available online. Once you have completed each training, see your
immediate supervisor when prepared to take the quiz; quizzes are not open book. Your supervisor will
give you a copy of the quiz and it must be completed and submitted to your supervisor within 30
Training Schedule
March 2014: Older Adult Falls (All staff)
April 2014: Signs, Symptoms, & Observing Changes (All staff)
May 2014: Asthma (Direct Care & Drivers only)
June 2014: Dysphagia (Direct Care only)