Mr. Chavez
Fall 2014-F205
am here to teach; you are here to
learn. I will do my job; you will do
yours and together, we will use this
time wisely.
 Positive
attitude is the key to success,
lets keep it at all times.
Classroom Rules
 Be
on time and prepared to WORK
 Stay
focused and on task the entire
 Everybody
participates, everybody
 Respect
yourself, your classmates and
their opinions.
warning. One-onone conference.
call to
to face conference with
parent(s)/guardian(s), student
and administrator.
Materials Needed
and pencil
Flash Cards
Daily Routines
Do Now: this is your warm up.
 3-5 minute writing activity at the beginning of
 You are to write in complete sentences unless
otherwise noted.
 Completed independently & QUIETLY unless
otherwise noted.
 Instructions for the Do Now will be written on
the whiteboard.
 Keep your Do Now’s separate from your other
Things to know:
Keep all of your work as they will serve as study guides for
your tests/quizzes.
Late work is due NO LATER than 1 week after I have collected
the assignment(s).
You are allowed to retake quizzes/tests if you score below
70% on that particular quiz/test.
Only 1 make-up per quiz/test.
Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result
in an: ‘F’ for that assignment, phone call home and meeting
with counselor/administrator.
Things to Know
 As
a result of completing this course, you
will be able to present an well-organized,
content-driven speech of ten minutes.
 In
addition, you will be able to : identify and
critically analyze the use of propaganda,
arguments, and rhetorical techniques.
Assessment is by the way of activities, an
examination, and presentations.
Things to Know:
 Accommodations: Students
with special
needs, please, advise me at the beginning
of the course as to any accommodations we
can effect to make you comfortable in class.
 Since
communication is a skill combining
thinking, listening, and speaking, it is of the
utmost importance that handwritten notes
on lectures and speeches are carefully
taken throughout the semester. Do not
interrupt this process by conversing or
disrupting the class.