Required materials: Textbook and workbook: Buen Viaje 2. Editorial

T.L. Hanna High School
Spanish II Syllabus
Sandra Camacho-Naundorf
4th Block
Contact information: [email protected] 864-260-5110
Course Description:
This course is based on the communicative approach. This course develops a basic proficiency in
Spanish and familiarity with The Hispanic culture through practice in the use of the basic language skills
and acquisition of vocabulary. The goals of the course are to develop listening, speaking, reading, and
writing competency in Spanish and to strive for a comfortable level of communication in the target
language. Real-life applications and interactions with other students and the teacher are stressed as a
means of proficiency in communication. Culture study of Spanish-speaking people helps to make
students aware of the current global and historical significance of the language being studied.
Required materials: Textbook and workbook: Buen Viaje 2. Editorial: Glencoe- McGraw Hill;
Spanish-English/English Spanish dictionary, and notebook.
Course Objectives:
The following objectives were taken from the South Carolina Foreign Language Curriculum
Standards issued by the state of South Carolina.
Students will communicate in languages other than English.
Students will gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
Students will make connections with other disciplines and acquire information.
Students will develop insight into the nature of language and culture.
Students will participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.
Grading Policy:
The grades are recorded in the grade book and the Power Teacher System. The students will
have daily (class work, homework and quizzes) and major grades (tests and exams).
The percentages for each category are:
Class work- Quizzes =20% - Quizzes may or may not be announced. Always be prepared.
Projects / Homework = 10%
Test (At the end of each chapter, usually biweekly)= 50%
Exam = 20%
The State Grading Scale:
A – 100-93 |
B – 92- 85 |
C – 84 -77 |
D – 76- 70 |
F – 69 - 0
Behavioral Expectations
Students are expected to respect everyone in the class.
Students are expected to be in their seats ready to get started when the bell rings.
Students are expected to bring all necessary materials to class.
Students should participate in class activities.
Students are expected to stay in their seat until they are dismissed.
First Offense - Warning (recorded by the teacher)
Second Offense – 30 minute detention. Call parents
Third Offense – REFERRAL **
Important Information.
Test day: A test is designed to assess a student’s understanding of the material. The student
will know beforehand what to expect on the test. Before giving the test, the teacher will clearly
explain what to do on the test and will answer any questions; however, after passing out the
test, the teacher will not answer any questions. If a student is caught talking or cheating in any
way, for example using electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 player/IPOD, or others
while taking a test, the student will receive a grade of 0 for that test. Parents will be contacted as
Substitutes: All work done with a substitute will count.
Translators: It is important that students understand how the target language works; therefore
students should learn it by practicing it, which means that students must do their own work, and
that any unauthorized work done using any kind of translator will have a grade of 0.
Cell phones, MP3 player/IPOD or similar: it is not allowed the use of any of these devices in
class unless it is used for an educational purpose and authorized by the teacher. In case of any
violation regarding the use of any of the above-mentioned devices, the procedure set up by the
school will be followed.
Late work
Assignments are due at the beginning of the class. Homework will not be accepted late. To
earn a 100 for homework it must be completely done. Partial homework is not accepted
since it is graded based on completion. Late projects and papers will be penalized twenty
points per day.
Make-up work
Students should check the website / handout folder and/or homework board when returning
from an absence. Students have a week to make-up work missed from excused
absences. Tests should be made up within a week. If a student returns the day a
prescheduled test is given, only students with excused absences can elect to make-up
the quiz/test within a week. Students with unexcused absences will take the quiz/test as
scheduled with the class.
Tutoring is available after school in the classroom if previously scheduled with the teacher.
Tentative Course Outline Spanish II
1st and 2nd Nine weeks of class
Greet people. Introduce yourself and
Present tense: regular, irregular and
stem-changing verbs.
Say where you and people are from.
Ask questions.
Interrogative forms.
Express likes.
Ways of greeting.
Formal and informal
Activities and hobbies
in the Hispanic world.
Adjectives: agreement and position.
Descriptions Describe family.
Ask and tell ages. Talk about
International food.
Adjectives that change meaning,
comparatives and superlatives
(absolute superlative).
Travel by train.
Airport, hotel.
Talk about schedules. Ask and tell time. Ser vs. Estar
The city
Daily routine. Body parts.
Preterite forms: regular, irregular,
stem-changing verbs and “y” verbs.
Talk about traveling.
Saber vs. conocer
Ordering in a restaurant.
Reflexive verbs: True and Idiomatic
Describe food.
Imperfect forms
Describe childhood activities.
Talk about hobbies and pastimes.
Present progressive / imperfect
3rd and 4th Nine weeks of class
Preterit vs. Imperfect
Things to do in a
Object pronouns: direct, indirect and double object pronouns. Legends and myths
Position of pronouns.
Celebrations around
Affirmative and Negative commands: forms and usage.
the Hispanic world.
Tú, usted, ustedes and nosotros forms. Pronouns with
affirmative commands.
La cocina Hispana
Travel by plain.
Make a hotel
Travel by plane.
Doler and other verbs like gustar.
Health and Fitness
Future and conditional tense.
Diversity within the
Hispanic Culture
The doctor’s office.
Past participle used as an adjective.
Present perfect tense and Pluperfect tense.
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