Telephone Use - Quick Reference Guide

Telephone Use - Quick Reference Guide
To transfer a call
R+ Extension Number
To return to caller
To divert your calls to another extension:
On no reply only
*2+ the other ext. number. To cancel # 2
On busy only
*4+ the other ext. number. To cancel # 4
At all times
*5+ the other ext. number. To cancel # 5
No reply & busy can be set together
To divert calls from another extension to your own: *66 + the other ext. number
To cancel this type of divert :
##5 + the other ext. number
NB. Please ensure that the extension number is correct when using divert.
Automatic call back (JA Campus)
Automatic call back (JH Campus)
Cancel automatic call back (both )
Group call pickup
*3 ( if in system call pickup group)
Call pickup
**3 + ext. number (any phone)
Save number
Use saved number
Last external number dialled
NTL Directory Enq.short code
BT web (10 free searches)
BT charge card
Conference Calls
Only one external number and the other parties to be extensions:
Call 1st number to establish 2 party call then press R , dial 3rd party ext, wait for
reply, press R*69 to bring into conference. Press R. dial 4th party, wait for reply,
press R*69. Continue adding exts to conference in this way until conference is
complete. To leave conference simply hang up.