Information Sheet - Health Services for North East

What is the purpose of the Adult Day Program?
 To provide a supervised, safe environment for those clients who may be experiencing wandering
 To provide respite for the caregivers and offer companionship with individuals who share common
interests and life’s experiences.
 To encourage clients to actively engage in a program that maximizes their abilities and promotes a
sense of accomplishment.
 To enhance the daily life of seniors and those individuals with physical and cognitive impairments.
What are the special features of the Adult Day Program?
Some of the special features include an outside patio, garden, wheelchair accessible washrooms, large
bright sunny room, rest area, access to hairdressing services and much more.
Who is eligible?
 A person who will benefit from social and recreational activities within a supportive environment.
 A person who may require assistance with mobility or other activities of daily living.
 A person who has a caregiver who would benefit from some regular respite.
 A person who is 18 years of age or older.
What are some activities that are offered?
Nail Care
Board Games
Teas & Socials
Happy Hour
Theme Luncheons
Current Events
What are the hours of service?
8:15 am – 4:15 pm
Monday to Friday
What is the cost to attend?
Full Day / includes meal
Half Day / includes meal
Half Day
Who do I call for more information?
Adult Day Program
400 Olive Street
North Bay, ON P1B 6J4
Revised April 2014
(705) 474-4250 ext. 229 (Day Program-Susanne, Kelly
Rhona, Monique)
(705) 474-4250 ext. 312 (Evelyn Berube, Manager)