Curriculum Assistance


Curriculum Assistance

Director: Patricia Gallagher

919.834.1625 ext 350


The Curriculum Assistance class is for students with documented Learning Differences. Prior to acceptance into the class, test scores, diagnostic evaluations and other pertinent material will be reviewed to determine eligibility and to identify the specific accommodations that can be made for the student. For additional information, please contact Ms. Patricia Gallagher at

ext. 350 or Ms. Susan Ellis at

or ext.



The purpose of the class is to provide some individualized assistance in the area of organizational skills; and to give academic support in course work. This class is offered on a pass/fail basis.


Students are expected to come to class prepared to work on assignments. Students are expected to use this time wisely and ask for help, as needed. The Curriculum Assistance teacher is available to help coach a student on organization, oversee the completion of tests or quizzes from other classes, and discuss ways to approach academic concerns. Students may spend this period meeting with one of their academic teachers, if he/she is available.

Students are expected to advocate for themselves and let the Curriculum Assistance teacher know of difficulties in any particular classes so they both may determine the best approach to getting support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to do if I would like my student considered for the Curriculum Assistance class or extended time on tests?

If you are requesting your student to be placed in the Curriculum Assistance class, check the appropriate box on the online Admission Application form and complete the Application for Auxiliary Services found linked through this application. The Application for Auxiliary Services and all pertinent documentation and evaluations need to be submitted for review.

Will my student receive individual tutoring and instruction in Curriculum Assistance class?

No. The purpose of this class is to provide support and accountability for successful study skills and provide additional time for students to complete assigned work with access to a teacher. There is little individual subject tutoring or teaching, unless a family has hired a tutor who is eligible to tutor on campus during this period. Assisting students with setting up meetings with appropriate teachers, when needed, and a weekly check-in regarding each student’s level of organization will occur.

Will my student receive credit for being in the Curriculum Assistance class?

Those students who have a scheduled Curriculum Assistance class will receive .5 credits per semester on a pass/fail basis.